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  1. Do you get diarrhea even if you haven't eaten gluten?
  2. I had the natural multi fruit juice last night and my stomach burned bad. I had bad gas and then today i got diarea. Now, I also ate gluten free home made fried rice and don't know if all of a sudden soy hates me. But I didn't have any other gluten. Anyone else have a tropicana juice problem?
  3. I get inflammation in odd parts of my body due to milk and gluten intolerance. I swell up in the calves, around the knee, shoulders and even the nasal passage. What happens is it will try and swell shut so everything runs down the back side.
  4. Thank you so much, you all make me feel "wonderful". My husband is happy too Thank you, I am just too afraid to eat it, not to mention i can think better without it in my system, concentration was very hard for me.
  5. Ok, been horribly sick, i have RA but my inflammation was in the muscles etc. and when my stomach got worse so did the rest of my body. So, doc did a test, made me get off all gluten (i know milk gets me so i was off it) and see how it goes. So I did and felt unbelieveably better and then i drank juice by accident that i thought was gluten-free and stomach freaked out and felt like throwing up and am not hungry still (next day). Anyway, i know how horribly bad i felt with that one drink. Now he wants me to eat gluten for a couple weeks and then test for Celiac. I am "afraid" to eat it as i know what it will do. My stomach hurts so much when i eat it and i flair up to where i walk with crutches because the cane isn't strong enough for my weight when my legs and feet swell up. I don't know what to do. From what I understand, it can only be helped by not eating gluten, so what can a doc do for me? I already get checkups on the stomach etc. So all the test will do is give paper proof. I am just afraid to eat it again. The last time he wanted to test me and I ate gluten I couldn't walk (way before) my feet were so bad i couldn't get to teh doctors office. If i try it again, i won't be able to walk (i am sure). It's all a big mess. Do i really need the test?
  6. I have been diagnosed with RA and told them over and over that my muscles are what is wrong, not the joints. I know their tests say RA due to inflammation, but you can have inflammation in muscles and not be RA. Anyway, all their meds methotrexate, arava, prednisone, ultram all made me horribly sicker. Currently I am treating myself with a gluten free diet and mucinex in a fibro protocol. And I am doing much better. Anyway, I wanted a celiac test and my doctor said that my liver functions showed good so i didn't need a test, i don't have it and since my bowels aren't showing white, then there is no worry. I have always had horrible stomach problems and when it is going through the roof, so are my muscles. If I am slightly gassy, my mucles errupt. Is my doctor right with the liver test? If so, then why does a gluten free diet help so much? Thanks.
  7. I asked him to test me for Celiac and he said "your liver functions look fine, no need to test". Is that right? I basicly put me on a non-gluten diet and the world of changes that have happened. First, let me tell you about my RA. I was diagnosed with what they said was the "worst case they have seen" for Rheumatoid Arthritis. A couple years later, nothing they gave worked, they actually made me worse. My symptom I am worried about most is my swelling of the muscles. I don't think my joints are swelling, I think it's the muscles at those joints that are because they swell me my calves swell and my tops of my feet etc. where no joints are. Anyway, being gluten free, I am doing pretty darn good on only celebrex. I am concerned that he is wrong is saying my liver looks good so i don't have it. If he is right, is there another disease with gluten problems that isn't celiac? I always told him all this time that when my stomach is worse, so is my body. Any advice is appreciated.
  8. I don't have celiac disease but another health problem that requires limiting my gluten. My husband has also taking to it just as well, we started this week. We still get our tacos, we still get our pastas (he cooks his pasta and mine separate and then share gluten free sauce). It isn't too hard to do, but if you are eaters of restaurants outside of the home, it can be very very hard. If you must eat gluten out once a few months or something for a work get together, find the items with the limited amount of sauce etc. Stick to chicken only meal with a side of vegies with no sauce or seasoning but salt etc. Most restaurants will help you with this situation. My father has a horrible celiac disease, very horrible version and rare. But once in a full moon he nit picks through a restaurant menu and makes his own dish. Sure it is cooked on a gluten stove and expected for that, but it limits how much he does take in. I wish you well and hope for the best for you.
  9. My father has been having problems with Celiac Disease for around 10 or so years now. It's sad, not only because of the disease, but to see a man who LOVED bread products reduce himself to things he just tolerates. He has gone through so much trouble. He was told he was one of two people in the world with his rare type of Celiac. During the time he has been diagnosed, he has had health problems beyond control. His iron level is largely above what it should be. He has had health problems they don't understand. Right now he is getting tested for lukemia (sure spelling is probably wrong). His brother died of it at age 13, so it is in the family. We find out those results next week. He has always been extremely strict to his diet which is why is it sad his health isn't so good. He's now 67, which may be old to some, but he still has so far that he could live. It's sad to see cuz he has always been a man who overly takes care of himself. So, I just wanted to pop in and talk about him and say that I know how hard it is to worry about someone you love so much. I get calls from my mom (they live accross country) asking me to look up products on the internet for her for food. I just thank god he doesn't have to limit too much. He still gets his chocolate bars, his Doritos etc. Thanks for listening.
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