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  1. Yep, that's me! Will you be there again next week? April 3rd? Jenn
  2. Hi Wonka, The Canadian Celiac Association will not be able to recommend specific GI's as a policy. However there is an opportunity to meet one of our local Pediatric GI's at an upcoming event that the Vancouver Chapter is hosting on April 5th. It's posted on the calendar on this site for that day and you can also read more about it at www.vancouverceliac.ca The event is also an opportunity for you to meet other families with celiac disease or that are gluten-free and perhaps there you can get a personal recommendation from someone. Jenn
  3. The Canadian Celiac Association - Vancouver Chapter is pleased to present: Growing Up Gluten Free! No Gluten - No Worries A program dedicated to families, children and youth Chan Centre - Vancouver Children's Hospital Saturday, April 5th 10am-3pm Guest Speakers Dr. Colin Barker, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Children's Hospital Anne Wing, Dietician, Fraser Health Authority Registration in advance is required. $12.00 per Adult Children/Youth up to 18 years old: FREE For more information, visit www.vancouverceliac.ca
  4. The Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association is hosting a talk by Pamela Catapia on Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). The talk will be at the New Westminster Public Library and is free to members, $5 donation for non-members. 2-4pm, tea and coffee will be served after the talk with time to meet other attendees and enjoy gluten-free goodies. Speaker: Pamela Catapia - www.pamelacatapia.com Pamela is also a celiac and has seen a great crossover in her counseling practice. Her work is relevant to our group of food and chemical sensitive individuals and families in the celiac community. Pam is a nurse and certified clinical counselor. She may cover topics such as: - a checklist to see if you have the trait - a checklist to see if your children have the trait - any references on the links to chemical and food sensitivities - not too much official research but examples from her experience - Challenges - Strategies to overcome - "Gifts" associated with the trait About Highly Sensitive People (HSP) HSP's: Experts say 15-20% of us inherit this perceptiveness and that it can be a great asset. Signs of this trait: -sensitive to noise, bright light, colours, temperature, smells, tastes, textures (hard to find the zone of "just right") -more aware of people's feelings -conscientious & caring -pause before taking action -vivid imagination -think deeply about everything they notice -need & enjoy time alone every day
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