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  1. Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgA Endomysial Ab IgA Titer not done because other test was neg. Gliadin Peptide Ab IgA Gliadin Peptide Ab IgG So, looks like Doc only did three tests and not full panel. Soooo irritating. All tests came back neg. I'm not going to bother with Docs or blood tests unless someone has a convincing reason to continue with medical diagnosis. I took him off gluten last Thur. and we'll see how it goes. I told my son that we would give it two months. He is desperately hoping the diet won't work. Poor thing! Thanks for everyones posts. I have been trying new recipes and searching out foods that you all suggest. I bought Gifts of Nature, Inc.'s Certified Gluten-Free Rolled Oats for 12.99 for 2.75 lb at Wild Oats today. He was excited to be able to have oatmeal for breakfast. I took him off of soy milk months ago because I didn't realize how much estrogen is in soy. The breast bud that was developing is practically gone. He won't try other milk (cow, rice etc....) Not sure what to do about that one. He was diagnosed with milk and egg allergy -triggers for his asthma at age 1. Now they say he has outgrown that, so I have tried cows milk, but won't budge. I feel bad for him. I'm trying to make our search for good food fun for him. He has helped make quite a few things, but not eaten many of them. Anyway- thanks for reading Heather Mother of four One on gluten-free diet and soon to be all of us I think!
  2. Thanks for your opinions. I will keep him eating gluten. I asked him if he could have anything for dinner what would it be-he said, "pizza." So, pizza it is. The Dr. used her arm to demonstrate celiac. She pointed to her fingertips and said that they were celiac disease and her elbow was a wheat allergy. She said he may be somewhere on the continuum. I'll keep reading posts in an attempt to learn what I can. This site is a wonderful help! Thanks to all who contribute. Heather
  3. Doc suggeste 7yold son has some degree of celiac disease. That was last Fri. I have been working hard to keep him gluten free. I called today to ask her to order the panel of blood test and her nurse called me back to refer me to an allergist. We did that at age 1 and it was the prick test. came back milk and egg allergic. Now they want to do the prick test again, but I have not read any posts about this test to determine celiac disease. I called my ped. back, but she had already left for the day. I left a message so we'll see if she will order the tests. I really don't want to put him through the prick tests again if its as easy as one blood draw. He does fine having it drawn. Just venting-anyone have any advice? Heather
  4. Thanks Kim, No, he has not had any blood work done lately. Several years ago I had him tested for thyroid problems. He was tested for diabetes on Fri. (urine test). Nothing else. I think she is just guessing. Heather
  5. Dr. suspects some form of Celiac disease in my 7 yr. old son. Headaches, slow growth, abnormal bowel movements, tired all the time, etc... She said take him off wheat for a mo. and then see how it goes. I want to know if I should insist on tests now or should I wait to see how he fares on a gluten free diet? Heather
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