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  1. PIZZA PARTY AND ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS (includes a Roundtable just for teens & young adults) Monday, January 23, 2012
  2. Gluten Free Holiday Luncheon and Cookie Exchange In preparation for the holidays, we will hold another cookie exchange this year on Sunday, December 4th. This popular annual event keeps growing! Last year we had about 20 participants, and of course we all went home with a variety of delicious cookies for the holidays. Remember if you don
  3. Topic: Gluten Intolerance and Autoimmune Reactions and Comorbidity; the presence of one or more disorders or disease in addition to a primary disease or disorder. Monday, October 17, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. Mohler Senior Center, 25 Hope Drive, Bldg. 35, Hershey Registration Deadline: Monday, October 10th Phone: 717-520-9817 or email: SouthcentralPA@gluten.net Dr. Turnpaugh has been treating patients in the Mechanicsburg area for over 15 years. He is a graduate of Bloomsburg University, Life College of Chiropractic and The Carrick Institute where he also received his Neurology Diplomat. He loves learning the intricacies of functional medicine and neurology. He is now the proud owner and manager of "Brain Balance" which offers services to evaluate children for learning disabilities. He has lectured and treated patients all over the United States as well as overseas. Turnpaugh
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. I know this is really late, but there is a gluten free cooking course offered TONIGHT at our Wegmans! Maybe they will have it again. We normally buy marinades and salad dressings to do that sort of stuff. We really need the cooking class! Anna
  6. Sometimes my symtoms range from canker sores to D to feeling like I have the flu. Depends on how bad i get it. Last night went to applebees and they sprinkled bread crumbs on my meal (WTF!) so all i could eat was the steak, i didn't see any crumbs on it, but alas today I have a canker sore. One Time I ordered a dip with veggies that was usally served in bread bowl, and i guess they put flour or something itte dip it'sself... I was sick for 4 days.
  7. You may want to think about if your daughter REALLY needs a Celiac roommate. Usually your first year of college you eat mostly in the cafeteria and they will have to accommodate her meals, changes are she will not be the first or only one, and if she is, then they will have to learn. As for in room eating, it will require your daughter's roomate to be careful and mindful but i live with a gluten eating person and have never gotten glutened from sharing a microwave or fridge. At work I share a kitchen with 40 gluten eating people, still ok! She may have to be extra vigilant but it should not keep her from her college of choice!
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that Piazza Sorrento is open in Hershey and has Gluten free pizza! I have had it 3 times, and only fell icky afterwards once, and that may have been the starbucks i had that sometimes does do it to me. http://mrsorrentos.com/piazza/default.cfm Go Eat Pizza... Be Merry!
  9. Harrisburg/Hershey Here!
  10. Red lobster is usally one of the places i love to go to eat. I usally end up getting crab legs or "pick two" shirimp combo. Salad with no crutons and a plain baked potatoe. Never get sick except when they put the crutons on the salad, but i blame myself for just picking them off not sending it back.
  11. I find i need to avoid shampoo with wheat in it.. it makes my hair fall out in clumps. I'm a believer.
  12. I'd ask them about your gall bladder, they might have looked at that allready, or not. That caused problems with my father's lungs from the infection of the dead gall bladder inside him.
  13. I had no idea NSAIDS had anything to do with it! I used to take it alot pre Celiac diagnosis because I had headaches all the time from Gluten. That was 15 monthes ago they subsided, but still usally need a dose every 3 weeks or so for aches or a rare headaches. Is Tylenol safe?
  14. Hrm, I eat Carmellos all the time, as well as many other Hershey chocolates. (I work on Chocolate Ave, Hershey Pa - 2 blocks from the plant the whole town smells like chocolate, i can't help myself!) I can't say that I i don't have D daily, I do, but they don't give me the tell tale DH on my lips from gluten. I consider hershey's safe, and I know a few people that work there and they are confident most that "full size" candy bars that do not disclose wheat are safe. I am told kit kats share lines with other candies, in full size, but that is the only one. Reeses has a completely separate plant. "fun size" candy bars do not have dedicated lines, and are manufatured all over the US, no garrentees about lines there. Being I am in Hershey, most of my chocolate is made in Hershey plant, and that is what my souses know. People further away may be getting from other plants with different dedicated lines. So any problems with glutening from Hershey chocolate is probally a shared line problem not a recipe problem.
  15. I've just been diagnosted with lymphocytic Colitis just yesterday, I've been put on Asacol. 800mg 2x's a day. I was diagnosed by colonospy and biopsies. They also did some blood work, My SRP (infmattion Index) was 3.36 ( supposed to be <.8) and Sediment was 45 (supposed to be less than 20). The nurse who was telling me that this is very inflammed! I'm looking forward to getting rid of the D, I find it so frustrating that I do so much with gluten-free and i STILL have problems. I see my Gastro NP next thursday, hope to find out more. Ironically, I went to my Gastro told her about my celiac, wanted to look at my small intestine, but when she saw my blood work she knew I was complying and looked past celiac as the problems. anyway, just sort of venting about the new diagnosis. take care all!
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