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  1. PIZZA PARTY AND ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS (includes a Roundtable just for teens & young adults) Monday, January 23, 2012
  2. Gluten Free Holiday Luncheon and Cookie Exchange In preparation for the holidays, we will hold another cookie exchange this year on Sunday, December 4th. This popular annual event keeps growing...
  3. Topic: Gluten Intolerance and Autoimmune Reactions and Comorbidity; the presence of one or more disorders or disease in addition to a primary disease or disorder. Monday, October 17, 2...
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. I work in Hershey and I know a guy who work for hershey co and I posed a question to him about this one time. This is what he speculated about this: Regular Reeses are made at the Reeses plant in hershey. This plant only makes a limited amount thing, probally all gluten free items. The other sizes...
  6. It is worth going to walmart for their gluten-free labeled stuff if you are really really paranoid. I don't usally find it worth the hassle (and I usally get roped into buying 20 extra things I don't need) and just try to buy kraft and conagra foods. I need to read all the labels anyway because of...
  7. I agree, the gluten-free labeling is wonderful. Some people try to avoid walmart for those reasons I listed it has nothing to do with their food, labeling or cross containation. If you have a Wegmans near you, they have a little G they put on the front of all the products to symbolize Gluten...
  8. I think the controversy has nothing to do with Celiac, just their business practices concerning women, looking the other way when subcontractors use aliens, running little mom and pop stores out of business, enviromental damage when they cut down acres of trees to build a store, and all the other...
  9. I noticed last night, Starburst says the same thing!
  10. I too am another one who needed to go to the doctor and say "I think I have Celiac Disease, Give me these tests." She was reluctant, but gave me the test.. it was positive thankfully. If your not positive don't let it get you down, it still may be gluten, get a biopsy or just go gluten free and see...
  11. I don't believe that one bit, This week I used a hand lotion (tiny dime sized dallop) that contained oat extract, and I was sick! my hair has been falling out for 7 years... I've been buying expersive shampoo to make my hair thicker.... it had wheat gluten. I changed bout 2 weeks ago to a different...