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  1. Thank you for your replies, and many thanks Nikki for what you have written. The thought of going back on the gluten fills me with dread but it does seem that to get a proper diagnosis is the way to go as I would have a better idea what is going on with me also incase of any further complications that may arise as I get older. I also read somewhere that cleiac disease is also genetic, so for my daughters sake I should get tested I think. I actually live Wales not England. Hence the North Wales bit. In fact I live about as far North Wales as one could get being that I live about a 100yards form the sea. ANyway once again many thanks for both your replies and I hope things will continue to improve. Take care. Gary
  2. Hi folks, I am really grateful that I have found this section on the forum. Initially I was diagnosed with ME/CFS last year. I have been bed bound and now partially housebound. I have a myriad of symptoms, too many to post here expcet to say that having read that there are many similarities to Gluten Intolerance I decided that I would try out the diet to see if there was any kind of change before going to my GP and requesting bloods and endo. I am trying out the gluten-free diet and I have found that I am experiencing some crazy times. Let me explain that. I started the diet about two to three weeks ago, and I found that after one week I was feeling amazingly well. No longer was I experiencing gut burning, I felt more positive and I began to think a lot clearer than I have been able to for ages. Even muscular and joint pains were abating along with the migranous headaches. I even had an appetitie. I am a chef by trade so experimenting with some of the recipes I ave found was no problem for me other than the actual cooking process is so exhausting. I know I am severly malnuorished because of not being able to eat properly for so long. relying mainly on faddy foods and usually the easiest options. So that would explain to some extent the feeling of exhaustion after minimal activity. At the moment I am not feeling as well as I was, is it normal to feel a dip after the intial start of the diet ? There are other factors that may also be contributing to the change in wellness, mainly stress brought on by marital problems that are unconnected to Celiac issues. After reading many of the post through out the forum it does seem that I will need to go for tests, however I am rather reluctant to as the thought of the endo is making me feel that maybe I wont bother and just carry on with the diet. What would you suggest, test or not to test? By the by I ahve discovered that Morrisons also do a small range of gluten-free products. Well there we are folks, the old brain is begining to sieze up now so I will sign off. Take care. Gazza
  3. Many thanks for you words of welcome, I am still learning to navigate my way around the forum and read on the posts. There does seem an awful to take in at the moment but hopefully when things settle down a bit I will be posting on a rgular basis. Wishing you all a great day. Gazza
  4. Hi Folks from North Wales UK. Thankfully I have found this forum and it is looking to be a great resource for me. Having just discovered that I have Celieac disease it came as a bit of a shock as I am already suffering fromME/CFS (Chronis Fatigue ). I am in th eprocess of talking with my doctor wether I ahve been mis diagnosed as ME/CFS as from what I can gather there are a number of similarities between the two. However sionce I have cut out the gluten in my diet I have found a remarkable if not sublte difference, in my well being. For the first time in years I do feel as if I have a spark of life in me, although at present due probably to poor diet and nutrition, and being house/bed bound for a number of years I am slowly improving. However I have found that when I am feeling well I do tend to over do things believeing that I can be as I was before I first became ill, and then that leads me to being exhausted and feeling very ill indeed. I suppose that is more to do with deconditoning than anything alse, what do you think? Anyway it is nice to be here and I look forward to getting involved on this forum. Take care. Gazza
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