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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. [even a little gluten can harm u and there are gluten free stirfry saucesout there. you might want to look online for some of them.. good luck
  3. my daughter has been gluten free for 6 weeks and our peds. gi sad it could take up to 6mo to a year befor she will be able to consume milk products.. she had very bad reactions to milk when she was a newborn so mabe thats why he says it will take so long. casssandra anastasia my 18 month old w/celiac we still have to get her brother tested!!!
  4. i know where i am they have gluten free chips at the natural food store that i shop at. so if your worried you could try looking for them. also if u are in the ny area tops markets chips are glutenand dariy free
  5. hi i am new to this site and my 18mo old daughter was found to have celiac's. this was after a 3 week long hospital stay because she was contiously vomiting for 8 days strait. anyhow i just need some direction because i cant get many pre made gluten free foods in my area. i have tried to bake things but i am not having much luck so if anyone has any suggestions i am all ears. gosh this so overwelming i just need some help with this. also has anyone ever heard of a child this young having this? thanks casandra
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