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    Spending time with my family, reading, watching Rachael Ray and trying to convert recipes to 30 minute gluten-free meals
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  1. abbysmom

    Destin Area Restaurants

    We were in Destin last summer and ate at Jim & Nicks BBQ and Pompano Joes and had a great experience at both places...
  2. abbysmom

    Olive Garden

    I have a friend that works at Olive Garden and he said that the meals are frozen, they zap them in the microwave and...
  3. abbysmom

    Rain Forest Cafe

    I ate at the Rainforest at Downtown Disney in Orlando about a year ago. The staff was very nice, a chef came right out...
  4. abbysmom

    Prenatal Vitamin.......gluten Free?

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I am 16 weeks with baby #3 and I take GNC prenatal vitamins w/ iron. It clearly states No...
  5. abbysmom

    Pediasure Substitute? Vitamins?

    I'm confused, because according to the Pediasure website and someone I spoke with on the phone, Pediasure does NOT contain...
  6. abbysmom

    Tips To Win Over A Toddler To gluten-free Diet

    Try and find some Bell & Evans gluten-free Nuggets. My girls (4 yrs. & 20 months) absolutely love them. I know...
  7. abbysmom

    Pei Wei Question

    I guess it would of helped to say they are both gluten-free! Sorry 'bout that...thanks for the feedback on the Sweet...
  8. abbysmom

    Pei Wei Question

    I have never been to Pei Wei (love P.F. Chang's), but we will be near one next week. I have a 4 year old and an 18 month...
  9. Been to the Jim 'n Nicks in Destin, FL. Loved it! If you email them they will send you a long list of gluten-free options...
  10. abbysmom

    How Long After You Stopped Gluten Did You Get Pregnant

    I self diagnosed as well, after having 1 successful pregnancy followed by 2 miscarriages. 2 months after being gluten...
  11. abbysmom

    Need Chick-fil-a Fries Feedback

    We eat at our local Chick-Fil-A at least 2 times a week. We have never had a problem. We usually get the same thing...
  12. abbysmom

    Destin, Fl

    There is a great BBQ resturant in SanDestin called Jim 'n Nicks. If you go on their website they will email you an extensive...
  13. abbysmom

    Disney World - Burger & Fries

    Yay for trips to Disney! It is so much fun to eat there. My family always eats at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe at Magic...
  14. Just thought I would pass this on to all the southerners out there. I just spoke with someone from Dale's Seasoning...
  15. I buy the Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry ones from Publix all the time. Both my daughters eat one for breakfast every...