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    My interests are in Ancient Civilizations, Criminal Justice and Youth, Books (all kinds!) and..a bunch of other stuff.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I'm taking the biggest biggest "big breath in, slowly let it out" I got. It is overwhelming but yeah...I know I'll get there. I did have a good laugh though when I went out to get some chips (Wedesday is movie night). I was reading the back when my niece asked what I was doing and I explained it to her. Then she turned to me and said "Wow Iya...your one expensive person now huh?" She was looking at the prices for bread and stuff. It was cute!!!! But thanks! I'll go grab those books. Books are always so much easier to understand (for me anyways). Its going to take some time and adjusting and I know that but...it still feels crazy. Not the coo coo crazy but the "ok...Im going over here now" crazy. Thank you all for your wonderful advice. Someone said something about charcoal...I never knew that either! I'm def into the whole books for dummies things. Its nice not to feel as out of it as I felt a couple of days ago. I dont know if this is going to make sense but for me...its like I got a direction to go towards and a place I can ask questions of people who know and may have lived what the hang Im talkin about Its something tangible and not something I cant see type of deal anwyays And for Karen, I live in Northern Quebec on the Border with Ontario. Prolly why I speak english instead of french hee hee hee
  3. Tonight while sitting at home with my nieces, one is 10 (and she would say 10 and 2/4) and the other is 13, we started talking about past memories. I would have almost forgotten about this but I'll share it here... One night I had to babysit them for my Aunt (who is there Mom but she's almost my age LOL) they got into a fight (literally). I broke it up and asked them what was the matter with them. The eldest apparently called the youngest fat and the lil one threw her stuffy at her older sister. The older one stormed off to her room after screaming "nobody loves me anymore" and slamming the door. I sat downstairs with the youngest to reassure her that she wasnt fat and that her sister didnt mean to hurt her feelings, etc...Well, she ended up cuddling closer and told me she wanted to tell me a secret. So I put my head lower and she whispered to me "Aunty Iya..I know Im not fat. Im just fluffy like you." LMAO After our lil trip down memory line I got nostalgic and realized how fast they have grown up. I put the 10 yr old to bed (despite protests of 'but im not tired!') and sat up to talk to the eldest about what was going to happen when I moved away again. She come over to my chair, sat down in my lap and told me that she was going to move with me. Then I realized I couldnt feel my darn legs and told her "what are you going to do when you get taller baby girl? I mean, your already 5'4 and your only 13. There is going to come a day where you won't fit in my lap anymore..." Lil brat cut me off and said "Well, thats why God invented the foot stool. Duh?" LOL Crazy kid.. LOL
  4. Feels like a week ago but it's only been a couple of days since the Doctor told me that I dont have Crohns, Cancer, Lymphoma, etc...but..TA DA! Celiac Disease! The big wild goose chase was over. I felt happy to say "Ok. Now that your done messing with me and tons of antibiotics...what now?" Which...Im gonna be nice to the man...he only told me was to see a dietician and didn't really explain much beyond that. He made me feel horrible and told me that I probbably had this a lot longer but with all the stress from my miscarriage, my family, working full time while going to University full time started to make it symptomatic (with a vengance!!!!)...well..in between all that "blaming game" stuff..I did get some answers! LOL But, now I got more questions..I was wondering...what now? I mean, where do u even begin to start this gluten free stuff if your last memory of the word gluten was in grade 10 cooking? I looked up some stuff on the net yet I still dont get it. There's just so much to take in. For example, vitamin supplements? immunity boosters (not like I need this by the way!)? Joint pain? Im still forbidden to take anything remotely close to aspirin and ibprophen so...what can I take? Im confused hee hee hee. So basically...any good books you could recommend on this?
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