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    I am a Medical Technologist.<br />I like to Read, Travel and <br />spend Lots , and Lots of time having fun with the family.
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  1. To all my friends that I made in this website, is been a while since I write to you, and signed in to this wonderful site. I am doing great, is almost a year since I started the gluten diet. I had my ups and down, but manage to recover and continue with the diet. Is was very nice to see your names and read your comments. Is excelletn to be here, it feels like home with so many wonderful people with many things is common. I've been very busy with the family and at work. My wife and the kids are doing great, my middle child is also doing excellent in the gluten freen diet.

    After many years of suffering I can finally put behind the stress that this intolerant has done to me. I can finally go out and enjoy without worries about what to eat, as long as I know what to eat.

    I tell you is very overwhelming at the begining, but it gets easier with time. Armed you self with lots of information such as the one you can find here in the confort of people who have experience the same problems and symptoms as you. For me this site has been a blessing, even if I do not write that often, I continue reading your postings. I continue to learn from each you. You have been an inspiration. Thru your experiences you have made me stronger.

    Thank you for all your help, and support. I will try to write more often. Keep up the excellent work.

    Many blessings to you.

    My regards to you from me and my family. ;)

  2. Hi and welcome, you belong here, and you will be able to get lots of information from everyone here.

    Your journey is very similar in the symptoms, and health issues of all of us. We all have few things in common especially gluten. You are going to find answers to your questions from people who understand what you are going thru every step of the way.

    In my experience the symptoms are almost gone. I have the strength, energy, to do my daily work, but I've have been in the diet for almost six months. Life will get beter, you have take it one day at a time. Gluten toxicity is not easy to get out of your system especially if you have been suffering from it for a long time. Have lots and lots patience. At the beginning you feel like one day is great then two days later you feel you are going backward. Give your body time to heal, and you will see that all your symptoms will disapear. For me even my lower back pain is gone.

    Take each day at a time, and please feel free to write, ask questions, We all know how difficult it is to begin a life long journey in this diet.

    My prayers are with you.

    Take care and keep us informed of your progress.

    We can laugh and cry together.

    Best regards to you. ;)

  3. Hi I agree it all depends on the person. For example for sometimes I will get the big dd, or another time was lots vomiting, sometimes is lots pf pain all over my body.

    The best thing is to avoid gluten, but accidents will happened, the best thing for me is treat the symptoms, and take lots of water to flush my system as quickly as possiblr.

    I hope this helps you.

    Best regards to you. ;)

  4. Hi I laso have the same allergies aswell as one of my daughthers. When I was tested I called EnteroLabs and talked to the nurse the allergies are forever. In my case I react to Casein the same way as gluten so therefore I cannot ingest any gluten and casein forever. You can call them and they will tell you exactly everything with regards to the allergy. My understanding is that you can never ingested again. Sorry.

    Take care and best regards to you.

  5. Hi thanks for your post.

    I've had the tinggling on my legs and arms for many years, after going gluten free for about 2-3 months it dissapeared. Everyone is different. Today I am almost 5 months on the diet and I don't have it anymore, thanks the heavens, especially at night when you try to rest.

    I hope you get better. If I find any studies I will pass it to you.

    Best regards to you.

  6. Hi the only time I ingest gluten is accidental. Would you take poison? This is exactly what gluten in. I know a friend, he got out of the hospital several weeks ago. He went in because of contant watery stool. When the doctor made the investigation, it came out he has a very rare form of cancer in the small intestine. Do you want to kow why, because of so many years of neglecting the gluten free diet.

    A rare form of lymphoma can come out, and the sad thing is, there not enough data to see how long the person can survive, the cancer or the treatments, because the cancer is very rare.

    Please remind yourself your life is very important, you only have it once, don't eat poison (gluten) you only hearting yourself and your love ones.

    Take care, and best regards to you.

  7. Hi

    Three weeks ago I bought a cake I saw on the box Dairy free, but I did not realized that it was not gluten free, I thought it was. The same day in the afternoon my mouth broke into canker sores, pains in the abdomen, and in the evening I was bleeding from the rectum. It was so confusing because I thought I did not ingest any gluten, but I had all the symptoms. Later in the week we were going to make the seconf cake and thats when my wife told me did you looked at the ingridients. It had wheat and barley as the top ingridients. It was three weeks ago, and I am still bleeding from my rectum. IT takes a while for your system to recover. The first week was very bright red.

    Take care this is one step at a time.

    Best regards to you.

  8. Hi Lisa

    I am sorry you are not feeling well. If are eating well, and you are having time to rest, please make sure your doctor order some blood work. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you will get lots of answers. I hope and pary you get your energy back. Your are an incredible person.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

    Please let us know of your progress.

    Take care.

  9. Hi.

    I had some headaches, but most important as soon as I stopped the ingestions of gluten and dairy in few days I noticed a change in me. Now I had been 3 months in the diet, and I am a new person, I'm beginning not to be afraid of food or eating anymore. I was very tired at the beginning, I had to take the vitamins twice a day in order to function.

    Best of lucks to you. You will be okay, in a few weeks you will forget and your body will appreciate the change tremendously.

    Best regards to you, and remember we are here to help, support, and most important to listen, when you feel tired start writing.

    Take care.

  10. Hi everyone

    Is finally here I am going on vacation. Our first stop is Disney World at Orlando Florida. Then we are heading for the west coast of Florida Naples.

    I will see you all in two weeks.

    Take care, be safe. ;)

    Best regards to everyone. ;)

  11. Hi Barb

    I am sorry for what you and your sister are going thru.

    Did you sister even gone to see a hematologist??

    There are other autoimmune diseases like ITP. ImmuneThrombocytopenia Purpura. The platelets count goes down. Usually the doctor give the patients pregnisone or immunoglobulin IV IgG. Also the spleen sequesters the platelets or old cells to dispose them. If the platelets are coated with an antigen not recognized by the body. Then the body will create an antibody to destroy that foreign cell.

    My wife has ITP. We went many years ago to see a hematologist to make sure that there is nothing else wrong.

    In a pregnacy the doctor will want to know what class is the immunoglobulin belongs to. Since there some of these that will cross the placenta and attacks the baby's platelets.

    The platelets are very important, these are the cells that help us to form a plug so we don't bleed when we get cut.

    Please make sure your sister goes to a hematologist.

    Please take care, and best regards to you and your sister.

  12. Hi here are genetic testing:

    HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0301

    HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0303

    Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,3 (Subtype 7,9)

    I had all of those symptoms, and more for the past 27 years:



    stomach cramping

    D and C alternating

    Joint Pain

    numbness and tingling in my extremities

    itchy skin

    constant fatigue (this I still have even after 2 and half months in the gluten-free diet)


    my gums would bleed very easily, the bleeding has stopped.

    very irritable

    If you find anything in your research please let us know, and also very interested.

    Best regards to you.

  13. Hi Stephanie.

    This is from the EnteroLabs website.

    First Question:

    Is gluten-induced intestinal damage causing malabsorption reversible?

    Gluten-induced intestinal damage is fully reversible provided gluten-free dietary treatment is strict and permanent. However, the length of time to full healing and disappearance of malabsorption depends on the severity and disease duration at onset of treatment. Hence, children and those with more mild disease at onset of treatment will resolve malabsorption quicker, usually within 6-12 months. Some adults with severe disease, or those who do not quickly grasp or employ strictness to their gluten-free diet, may have continued nutrient malabsorption for longer periods. If intestinal malabsorption persists beyond 18-24 months, dietary and clinical re-evaluation should be undertaken. Unlike antibody levels, our malabsorption test is a measure of disease severity in the intestine. Values from 300 to 500 malabsorption units represent mild malabsorption; 500-1000 moderate; 1000-1500 severe; and greater than 1500 very severe malabsorption (and possibly indicating a combination of gluten-induced intestinal damage and insufficient pancreatic enzyme secretion).

    Why do I need a gluten-free diet if I do not have intestinal damage?

    So that you do not get it, or damage of any other organ. Prevention is the key to lasting health. Once disease sets in, it is much harder and takes more healing energy to reverse than it does to prevent it. An ounce of preventive health eradicates a ton of disease. Do not wait for villous atrophy, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, or even symptoms to treat gluten sensitivity; prevent it all!

    Second Question

    Why are gene results so complicated, and which genes predispose to gluten sensitivity/celiac sprue?

    Gene tests for gluten sensitivity, and other immune reactions are HLA (human leukocyte antigen), specifically HLA-DQ, and even more specifically, HLA-DQB1. The nomenclature for reporting HLA gene results has evolved over the last two decades as technology has advanced. Even though the latest technology (and the one we employ at EnteroLab for gene testing) involves sophisticated molecular analysis of the DNA itself, the commonly used terminology for these genes in the celiac literature (lay and medical) reflects past, less specific, blood cell-based (serologic) antigenic methodology. Thus, we report this older "serologic" type (represented by the numbers 1-4, e.g., DQ1, DQ2, DQ3, or DQ4), in addition to the integeric subtypes of these oldest integeric types (DQ5 or DQ6 as subtypes of DQ1; and DQ7, DQ8, and DQ9 as subtypes of DQ3). The molecular nomenclature employs 4 or more integers accounting together for a molecular allele indicated by the formula 0yxx, where y is 2 for DQ2, 3 for any subtype of DQ3, 4 for DQ4, 5 for DQ5, or 6 for DQ6. The x's (which commonly are indicated by 2 more numbers but can be subtyped further with more sophisticated DNA employed methods) are other numbers indicating the more specific sub-subtypes of DQ2, DQ3 (beyond 7, 8, and 9), DQ4, DQ5, and DQ6. It should be noted that although the older serologic nomenclature is less specific in the sense of defining fewer different types, in some ways it is the best expression of these genes because it is the protein structure on the cells (as determined by the serologic typing) that determines the gene's biologic action such that genes with the same serologic type function biologically almost identically. Thus, HLA-DQ3 subtype 8 (one of the main celiac genes) acts almost identically in the body as HLA-DQ3 subtype 7, 9, or other DQ3 sub-subtypes. Having said all this, it should be reiterated that gluten sensitivity underlies the development of celiac sprue. In this regard, it seems that in having DQ2 or DQ3 subtype 8 (or simply DQ8) are the two main HLA-DQ genes that account for the villous atrophy accompanying gluten sensitivity (in America, 90% of celiacs have DQ2 [a more Northern European Caucasian gene], and 9% have DQ8 [a more southern European/Mediterranean Caucasian gene], with only 1% or less usually having DQ1 or DQ3). However, it seems for gluten sensitivity to result in celiac sprue (i.e., result in villous atrophy of small intestine), it requires at least 2 other genes also. Thus, not everyone with DQ2 or DQ8 get the villous atrophy of celiac disease. However, my hypothesis is that everyone with these genes will present gluten to the immune system for reaction, i.e., will be gluten sensitive. My and other published research has shown that DQ1 and DQ3 also predispose to gluten sensitivity, and certain gluten-related diseases (microscopic colitis for DQ1,3 in my research and gluten ataxia for DQ1 by another researcher). And according to my more recent research, when DQ1,1 or DQ3,3 are present together, the reactions are even stronger than having one of these genes alone (like DQ2,2, DQ2,8, or DQ8,8 can portend a more severe form of celiac disease).

    Is milk protein sensitivity as bad as gluten sensitivity and do I need to be strict with a dairy-free diet?

    Research showing a high association of antibodies to cow's milk proteins in people who react similarly to gluten has been around for over 40 years. More recent research has now confirmed that these reactions to cow's milk proteins (mainly casein but also lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, and bovine serum albumin) are indeed epidemiologically related to autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, and asthma, among others. While formal studies of dairy-free diets, either alone or in combination with gluten-free, have not yet been conducted on a wide scale, the idea of a gluten-free/casein-free diet is not new, having been employed for decades by many health practitioners. From my objective assessment of this field, and my personal experience with my own dietary elimination for health, I recommend complete avoidance of all dairy products in anyone found to be immunologically sensitive to cow's milk protein by our tests, and anyone with an established autoimmune or chronic immune disease. I predict future research will support this recommendation. Do not bury your head in the sand waiting for such studies. Do your own study and go gluten-free/dairy-free.

    Stephanie when I received my results from EnteroLabs they were similiar to yours. I called EnteroLabs in regards to the Casein, and they told me that I have to br off the Casein or any dairy products forever, because the reaction I have to dairy products is equivalent to the reaction I get from gluten, yes including the destruction to the villi. This was very hard for me. I can deal better with finding foods that are gluten-free, but is hard to find then as a combination, at least for me.

    I hope this helps you. The bottom line is that you have to stay away from any of the offending foods that is damaging you intestine, you can clearly see it from the malabsortion test.

    Take care, and best regards to you.