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  1. Hi -- Due to symptoms that you're all painfully familiar with, my daughter (17) has just in the last couple of weeks cut wheat and gluten out of her diet. We've made some goofs but in general the change has been pretty effective. We're doing mostly naturally gluten-free foods supplemented by gluten-free versions of things like crackers and pretzels. Her stomach has calmed down enormously, her mood has lifted, she's feeling more rested, she hasn't had a single headache, she's even gained back a pound or two. However, her stomach still does hurt. She says it isn't even in the ballpark with the way it felt before but I notice her rubbing it unconciously so I know she's feeling something. Is that normal for awhile? Will her stomach eventually go back to just being another part of her body? Is there anything more we should be doing? Thanks, Susan
  2. Wow -- Peter Paul and Mounds?! I know what we're doing this weekend! Thanks for the support --
  3. Hi everyone -- Daughter, 17, has felt lousy and lousier since roughly the start of school in September. Thought it was "just" junior year anxieties with a high achieving kid but it got to be too incompatible with her personality. It finally occurred to one of us that she was experiencing many gluten-sensitive/celiac-type symptoms -- bad gastro-intestinal, relentless depression, weight loss, migraine, pallor, super fatigue. So she's trying to go gluten-free and is seeing results after just a week. Since we're so new at this, we've already glutinated her once by accident and maybe a second time yesterday. She bought choc. covered almonds with the following ingredients listed: Milk chocolate (evaporated cane juice, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), almonds, pure food glaze. So let me guess and then you experts tell me if I'm suspecting the most likely things -- the whole milk powder and/or the food glaze? She's super on-the-go, a competitive gymnast with honors classes pretty much across the board. She's not a complainer and she's willing to take time to pull food together that won't make her sick. But, if anyone out there has late teens who need speedy food fixes now and then and can pass good Gluten-free ideas along, we would be very grateful. Finally (really!), can we just assume that since Gluten-free eating seems to work we can just go on with that, or is there a really good reason to get tested anyway? It sounds like she may have to get sick again to be tested accurately and she really isn't interested in that! Thank you for any help you can give -- Susan
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