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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am pretty much good for anytime this weekend at any place. You all name it and I'll be there. Here you go Meg! Check out Mapquest or any other map service works for you. The store's got a good selection of Gluten-Free items.
  3. Whatever weekend works for me. I'm swinging by the Health Food Store today to check out its inventory.
  4. I believe that this year at FSU will be rather interesting! And another note about the possible future meetings, I have classes pretty much all day on Tues and Thursday this semester. Every other day, I pretty much have nothing else to do, unless there is further notice about that. ...I'm getting hungry again LOL! I wish I had my noodles right now, because Tuna and Cheese Corn Flour Burritos gets old fast (and after I'm done microwaving them, they don't look like burritos anymore, hahaha!).
  5. I believe that you can add one more FSU Gluten Intolerant to the list! I certainly did not know about that health food store, so I think I shall check it out when I'm not so worried about parking here. Thanks for the heads up! And I also second the notion of Celiac/Gluten Intolerant group meet ups. If anything, it might possibly squash the internal feelings that "I'm the only Celiac/Gluten Intolerant around" that each of us may have. ^^ I am most certainly having issues with Gluten-Free supplies around here myself. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the selection of Gluten-Free stuff in the General Grocery Stores. I already know that the noodles made primarily with Corn Starch, that Publix has in the Green Section, will not hold together very well. Currently I am having my parents order the supplies I need online or buy them in Ohio since Celiac awareness is much greater there, and then ship those supplies to me. I don't even try to eat out here anymore. But yes, I personally encourage Celiac/Gluten Intolerant group meets! And who knows, we all might figure something out.
  6. Hi! I am the son that SomaDee was talking about. From when I checked around the campus dining facilities, most of them had items that contained gluten in them with little or no Gluten-Free alternative. The Suwanee Room and Fresh Food Co., the two main on-campus dining halls, were the places that has the fruit, various drinks, and if the selected lunch menus for the day permit, a dish that doesn't have any gluten might be available. I had checked with one of the Seminole Dining Managers about their food shipments, and she said that Seminole Dining did not have special foods available for those whose bodies reject gluten. It's a gamble with the dining halls, and I personally don't think it's worth getting the meal plans over if you can't eat most of the food in the dining halls. And unfortunately, I do not know how much in $ admission without a meal plan was. The only place that I know of that offers numerous choices that do not contain gluten on campus is at the Pollo Tropical in the Oglesby Union Food Court. That was my main stop during the last month of the Spring for a bite to eat once I realized that the reason I've been very sick was due to my toxicity of gluten. I do second the choice of living in a place with easy access to a kitchen, and with some space to store stuff like cooking utensils and tools. While each residence hall does have kitchens, the dormitories have one kitchen per floor which is shared. So the ideas of storing kitchen supplies there are invalid. Another problem with that is that there is the issue of space in your dorm. And of course, each residence hall that are dormitories require students to have a meal plan. The only halls that are exempt from that requirement are McCollum Hall and Reagans Hall (I believe those are it), which are primarily Townhouse-style. I did get a single room in one of those halls, though these are called Efficiencies due to those having a kitchen while single rooms in dormitories do not. This was actually the backup due to my not being able to get with any of my buddies, and my original roommates in the Townhouse assignment were a little...uh...not anywhere near my style. I personally prefer to be able to cook my own stuff over going out to eat. In the time it would take to get a good meal by traveling, placing the order, waiting, then receiving...I can usually cook something up on my own that comes out rather good (to me at least...I'm not too sure how honest my parents are about my cooking since I'm fairly new to it *duck*), and the overall cost is much less than eating out, plus the cook has absolute control over ingredients used, and it actually feels relaxing to me to cook after doing some kind of mental or physical work. If you were to be here last year, you would have had a reeeeeealy fun time trying to find a parking spot in the on-campus garages, hahaha (people I knew there get rather irritable after a while of having dogfights with other cars). However during the later Spring, the campus got a new parking garage up so the problem of on-campus parking was a lightened a bit. I don't think parking here will be too problematic, but I can say the drivers in Tallahassee are kind of crazy and love to cut people off. Just a heads up. This is about all I can think of for now, if you have any questions about the Campus or whatnot, I'll be mor ethan happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Oh, and the Stadium is huuuuuuuuuuuge!
  7. Well, I'm normally rather fast responding to a phone call and being told to register here haha! I am the son my mom here was telling you about. Good to know I'm not the only one here that's extremely selective on what I'm eating since I dislike the after-effects of it. Nice to meet you Renee. I am Mike, 1st year at FSU and an Information Technology major. I am currently doing a little internship with the TCC Information Technology department on Website Development also so I just happen to be linked to TCC in some way. I think my mom pretty much covered the other basic stuff earlier. I can most certainly say that finding out that a long time of being underweight and lethargic may have been caused by Celiac was pretty much a revelation to me. Since I've started the gluten-free diet over a week ago, I have been far more energetic than I can last remember, and I haven't had any pain after eating also. Though I believe it's going to take a lot more time before I can say the same thing about my weight, heh. EDIT:----------------------------------------------- By the way, I'm unable to find you on the Facebook Search. The name I am going by is Mike W in the FSU Network on Facebook.
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