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  1. Since I have been diagnoised w/ celiac disease, i notice bruises more easily. Does anyone else have this problem? Ali

    Yeah, Ali_1956 is my mom and she bruises so easily. She has a bruise on her leg and it just appeared there. She never hit it or anything that she can remember. And the bruise is quite big (one you would remember if you bumped it). And another thing that did bruise her really bad was b-12 shot. And she, thinks that the nurse just did a bad job on that shot. But we just wondered about it and celiac......?

    BTW I know this is off the wall but is there any corellation between glaucoma and celiac???? Just curious...


  2. <br /><br /><br />

    My grown daughter had rashes as a baby, but we didn't know that myself, she, my mother, and my older daughter all had celiac disease until she was about 8 or 9 years old. She had a rash pretty badly too, and all those years no doctor ever once suggested she could have celiac disease. I also had Rosacea on my face and no doctor ever told me about the connection between rosacea and celiac disease. Over the years, it's been my observation that doctors are only helpful for some things and not others. No one knows our bodies like we do. We all need to become informed people who live as though our lives depend on our self care and not on some doctor's care.

    Try as we might, now and then we still get some gluten in our diets and my adult daughter still gets the rash sometimes, but not as much. I feel for you dealing with the rash, especially when the weather is hot and sweaty, and the "unseen" aspects of kids who are misbehaving or grumpy or whiny because they don't feel good and are too young to communicate their feelings. They may not even really know that their pain and yucky in the gut feelings are not normal, since they have probably had those feelings most their little short lives.

    At least you can be very glad that you are realizing while the kids are young that gluten is a problem. This seems to be a difficult step for many people to take, often parents or individuals confronted with the possibility of Celiac Disease will spend countless dollars and time and stress on doctoring or do anything to deny that they have celiac disease, as though it were the worst possible thing to have. Really, once your household becomes accustomed to locating resources and shopping and cooking gluten free, it becomes very easy and normal feeling.

    I really think we with celiac disease are somehow fortunate, in that we have had to take a hard look at our health, and many of us have acquired much healthier overall eating habits, and much more knowledge of our bodies and general knowledge of nutrition and healing than most people. As a result, we may actually end up living healthier and/or longer lives than the average person.

    My mother was diagnost some years ago with Celiac disease and we also suspect that my grandmother had it as well. Though I have been tested by bloodwork it came back negative for this disease. I was tested after my daughter was born which has been within about a year ago. The strage thing is between me, my 17 month old daughter,my mother and grandmother we all have super sensitive skin. We all will break out either on the face, the stomach, scalp, and limbs.

    My skin was crazy itchy when I was pregnant. I just thought I had psorisis it was on my mouth and the folds of the arms and the base of my neck. I was in orbit. And now my baby has always had rashes from the time she was born not to mention a bloated belly and a horrible immune system and time to time cranky and iritable. I tried to get her doctor to test her for celiac disease when she was 4 or five months old and her dr didn't seem too interested in that. So later I saw another doctor in the same practice and he is having her tested (though I had to really do some convincing). As a matter of fact today we will be going to have the blood work done. So I deffinatly think she has it especially since this thread about rashes.


  3. This weekend, my spouse started feeling sick again and had a rash on his arms. He hadn't cheated on his diet so we were looking all around for the culprit. Late last night I was reading the article about the pet food with the bad wheat gluten. This weekend my spouse has been taking care of a friends dogs while his friend took his family on a trip this weekend. I told him to check the ingredients on the dog bag and sure enough, loaded with wheat flour and gluten. Glad his friend gets back today.

    Not sure if your mom has any pets but thought I would throw that possibility out there.

    Our dog eats a corn based dog food. She's been on a wheat free diet longer than we've been on a gluten free diet. :lol:

    Yeah, I have a dog and I usually feed her. But you know what I wonder about, I worry about my mom giving my daughter cheerios. Or cutting her pizza for her (if I am not there). I guess if you husband had a reaction just from feeding a dog then that should answer my question...lol were new to this. As a matter of fact I am taking my daughter to the doctor today bec she stays sick (her immune system stinks), and some days her belly looks bloated and she has a lot of skin issues ( I also have skin issues and assumed she just inheareted it from me). But I have been tested and came back negetive but I am still gonna have her checked. She is only 1, I would hate for her to have this already.


  4. If your mom is able to she should keep her gluten free toaster out of sight (possibly in her desk drawer) if she is not using it at work. I work in an office and I can just picture a co-worker saying "The company toaster is broken, "your moms name" has a toaster, she won't mind if we borrow it.

    Yeah I think that she is going to keep it in her desk. Because she works in a very busy environment with people comming in and out at all times. And she really couldn't keep tabs on it. I am glad to report that she bought her own personal cookware and her own spatulas for at home. Bec we read that it was dangerous for her to cook her food in pots and pans that I have had noodles and other wheat by products. For easter I bought her the book Gluten Free for Dummies, and that has had a lot of helpful info.


  5. Jessica:

    Dove will clearly list any gluten ingredient in their personal care products. Makes it easier for us. :)

    I have the meat counter thoroughly clean their cutter...it usually takes a good 5 minutes for them to REALLY clean it, but they now know me, and are great about it.

    (Just an FYI --- its Celiac Disease, with no "s". A group of people with Celiac can be called Celiacs. :) But the disease itself if Celiac, non-plural or possessive. As you can see, you'll learn more than you ever thought on this board!)

    Is your mom going to join us on here...we would love to have her!


    Wow, your grocery store must be really nice if they will clean before they cut your meat! My mom will join she is just at work right now and she wanted me to find out what I could for her. And I have recomended her to join.

    Thanks so much


  6. Jess,

    It sounds like you guys are doing better, but still need some help.

    First, if you guys have the money, please buy "Gluten Free for Dummies" on amazon .com. It is a book that is incredibly insightful and will answer most of your questions.

    Secondly, it would be easier to help if we knew what your mom was eating, if she was eating out a lot, what she orders when she eats out, etc.

    Having said all that, here are some tips I can impart.

    1. No more french fries at restaurants. Many celiacs assume these are ok because they are potato based. The problem is not the potato, its the cross contamination in the fryer (other wheat products get dropped into the frier before your fries go in --- extremely common and this will raise your blood levels).

    2. Change any cast iron pan or old cooking pans with new ones that only she uses - cast iron and steel pans are infamous for never getting truly clean. this includes pizza pans and baking pans especially!

    3. Get rid of her wooden utensils - again, hard to clean!

    4. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FROM THE GROCERY WITHOUT CHECKING WITH THE MANUFACTURER! This includes salad dressings and especially marinades.

    5. Lays potato chips (actually frito lay, the parent company) is notorious for cross contamination issues. The only Lays product that is made on dedicated gluten free lines are Lays Staxx (their version of Pringles - note Pringles are not gluten free). Quit eating lays chips.

    6. The latest reports on bourbon is that it is gluten free. I think the issue becomes as to whether the mash if thrown back into the mix before it is sold and thus adding the gluten that was originally eliminated via distillation. Fornthe immediate future, take a break from the sauce (until her levels are ok)

    7. Don't eat at "Mom N Pop" joints, they will kill a Celiac with Cross Contamination

    8. No Burger King - realistically, she needs to stop eating fast food for awhile and get her health under control.

    9. Check all lotions, shampoos, soaps for wheat, wheat germ, barley and other gluten sources - this is more common than you think. Also, what type of toothpaste is she using? Lip Gloss? Chapstick?

    10. Order salads with no croutons and dressing on the side. Don't just pick off the croutons - crumbs will raise your blood levels too! Ordering salads with dressing on the side ensures that your salad is not mixed in a bowl that may have had croutons in it (the order before yours).

    Hope this helps


    Thank you so much for this helpful information! My mom hardly ever eats out! At work she eats her gluten-free bread with sandwich meat and cheese (cheese is land o' lakes yellow deli cheese) howver, she toasts in the company toaster! But, today she called me and said she has gotten her self a new toaster just for her that she will keep with her. The only thing she really eats out daily is Ice cream from McDonalds (no cone) and a diet coke. Other than that she eats those sandwiches for lunch and dinner unless we have steak! I can't remember what her toothpast is but I'll ask is there any particular one that she should stay away from what about the chap stick?


  7. It could absolutely be from sharing a toaster, especially since she lives off of bread. It could also be from the deli meat/cheese slicer. Some deli meats and cheeses contain gluten and the slicer doesn't get washed in between runs. Has she eliminated all gluten from her personal care products? ie: shampoo, body lotion, hair mousse, hairspray, eye cream, nail polish, etc. That's another very possible way that she could be getting gluten in her system.

    Yeah, I have woried about the meat/cheese slicer. And the meat itself. Now as far as the personal care products we have already found that she is sensitive to lotions and shampoos. Heck I am even sensitve with my skin but I have been tested for ciliacs disease and I was fine. But it certainly is a daunting task trying to keep up with every product and then trying to contact manufacturers and they don't help you

  8. Where to begin? I am writing on behalf of my mother who was diagnosed a few years ago with Ciliacs diseas. At that time there was little known about the diet. Her directions for her diet was basically "Stay a way from bread" and that was all that she was told. She never took into consideration that wheat gluten was found in soups, marinades, (not to mention)even found on the back of a postage stamp! So she did the diet for a while and got better and then she went back to her regular diet of eating bread. She continued to eat a normal diet for more than 4 or 5 years with little to no problems during that time. Well, all of the sudden she started getting sick with her stomach a lot. Having cramping and gass and she decided to go back and have another colonoscopy (upper and lower) and after the procedure the doctor asked her if she had ever been diagnosed with celiacs disease (different Doc than the original doc that told her she had it in the first place) and she said that she had been however, got to feeling better and resumed her normal diet. The doctor said she should have never came off of that diet, and he told her that if she contined to ingest wheat gluten that she would probably develop cancer. So, he handed her a paper with the "no no's" (like one paper of no no's will cover it) and sent her to a specialist who really dosn't know much about it either.

    So, I have been really proud of her! She has stuck to her diet religously. And has even went to a conference in Nashville, TN where the doctor herself has this disease. And has done extensive reasearch on the internet and finding information through people she meets at the healthfood stores who have the same thing. But, here is where our problem lies. This is her second blood test where her doctor checks to see if she is still getting traces of gluten in her system and today she called me today very discouraged and said that there still finding high traces in her blood. My mom has been living off of gluten free bread (sandwich), Lays potato chips, sandwich meat and cheese from the deli, and when she feels good enough she grills steak in which we marinade in Lawery's "Jamakin Jerk" and steak rub that we assume is ok. Her salad dressing is Wishbone "low fat Ranch" (which is ok) and did I mention choclate (also Gluten-Free). The only problem is that she didn't realize how important it was to use separate toasters when toasting her food. Could that cause it to show up in her blood tests? Where is it comming from? Glad to report that she did purchase her own toaster today. But, she just feels so helpless because she is starving herself and very board with what she can have and she never has any strength anymore. I am worried about her and I need someone to help me to help her. Some days she dosn't even feel like getting out of bed. Sorry this is so long but, I feel I need to fully explain what her eating habits are so that maybe someone will see something that she could be doing wrong. Another confusing thing is that she likes to drink an occational wiskey and coke (lol were from Kentucky, of corse we like wisky) but, sometimes we get conflicting reports about weather wisky is safe or not. So, please someone tell me if were overlooking something.