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  1. Glad I found you all. I wasn't easy registering here took me many trys but I did it. For some reason it wouldn't send my home email address a comfirmation so Ihad it sent to work??? Where do I get started? My Daughter who is 51/2 had the blood work done for Celiac's antiboties were very high, she had the endoscopy and biopsy done this past Thursday pretty much confriming the fact that she has it. We willhave aformal consult next Thursday. I was told to go ahead and put her on a Gluten free diet. I am in mourning for her and all the foods she can no longer have. I feel sad but I am not letting her see this. We haveb een shopping and found a few good things. have a million questions but I guess I will start with 2. Is hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing gluten-free or not? I'm getting mixed messages from everywhere How about M&M's? Her two favorite foods. Would love to chat with anyone.
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