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  1. It may just be that the acids are annoying an already inflamed gut, maybe try cutting them out and reintroducing them later on when things have settled down for you. Avoid everything that has citric acid in it, will be hard as its one of the most common food additives.
  2. I get hot to the point of prickling on my scalp around 8 every night, even if I am working, I sweat profusely till around midnight and then I am just plain hot for the rest of the night. I sleep with the Air con and a ceiling fan, no bedclothes, and sometimes I am still uncomfortable. I am post menopausal, so its not that. I am on thyroid meds, looking for an alternative at the moment.
  3. Valerian has some nasty side effects if taken over a longperiod of time in reasonable doses. As with anything, you should only take it when you absolutely have to, limit it to when you are absolutely exhausted. Any sleep problem should be checked out by a professional person. http://altmed.creighton.edu/valerian/adverse.htm
  4. Bruxism is what it is called. There is only really three treatments for this, a Dental device, Stress Management, and perhaps Bio feedback therapy. Some anti depressants cause Bruxism, there may be an element of gastro oesophageal reflux involved, and some misalignments of the teeth may also impact on this. Its a Sleep Disorder which is hard to treat. Most of the over counter dental devices are inadequate, and you need to have a special one made. I would also look at googling Biofeedback therapy in your area. Good Luck !!!
  5. There are quite a few sleep disorders, one of them is REM sleep disorder which can cause this behaviour. There are ways of beating this. You need a referral to a Sleep Disorder Centre, where they will monitor you overnight and video any behaviours. Medication helps this. Good luck !!
  6. These are thoroughly sensible responses. I work as a Sleep technologist, I have sleep apnoea, and use CPAP (without it I am hopeless), and a sleep study is a must if you are sleeping more than 8-9 hours per day. Good luck !!
  7. I have been using a supplement for some time now and it made a huge difference. Its called Threelac, I buy it online here in Australia, but I dont know where you would get it in your home country. Basically its live cultures.
  8. I saw Freedom foods in our local Coles last week. Also had the crumbed fish and chicken mentioned. I love the fish, I just love fish anyway.
  9. I knew the Flake was OK but not the Crunchy !!!! Yeehah. They are my favourite. Hi guys, I am new here, I have been reading heaps. I am hoping to feel a whole lot better in the coming months. I am in Brisvegas.
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