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  1. Ahh, GFP you are a funny one... at least I can only hope that you have avery dry sense of humor.... ~Amelia
  2. Thanks All. I do definitly consider the colds/diarrhea as a normal possibility, which is why I was wanting to go longer than a month to see if she doesn't get sick then after re-introducing gluten see how it goes.. I hope she doesn't have any gluten problems. The blood draw went well. I talked to her about it all the way to the dr. office and I explained each step and that it would hurt a little but it would be ok, as well as telling herwhy. I told her the phlebotomist's name, we looked at the needle. She didn't cry at all, but did get a little squirmy at the end and want the needle out. I was pretty surprised she didn't cry at all. I think talking about it it helps tremendously. I don't think a slap upside the head would yeild much comfort for a blood draw... I think everyone's opinion is valuable and valid. Gluten experiences are so varied I find it very helpful to have lots of input. I know only one other person who is gluten-free, so it's always good to swap ideas, opinions, advice, suggestions and experiences with as many people as possible who are dealing with it. ~Amelia for those w/ Trader Joe's nearby - they have yummy gluten-free waffles, my daughter loves them.
  3. Thank you for your replies! I really just wanted to hear what other people think, so I really appreciate the input. I'm not putting much store by the Iga test, I just figured as long as I was planning a gluten-free diet I might as well see what the bloodwork would yeild. I think a gluten-free diet is a much better indicator of problems. From my own experience the longer I was off gluten the more apparent my reactions, even the subtle ones. Thanks all ;+) ~Amelia
  4. hmmmm.... No one has any suggestions? opinions?
  5. Thanks so much for the info. I have to buy a whole case if I order them off Amazon... Wish I could try a box first.. I'll look around a bit. Cheers! ~Amelia
  6. HI, those sound interesting... Would you mind posting the sugar content? Thanks so much ~Amelia
  7. Hi everyone, a bit of background: I have been gluten-free for a few years though I've never tested positive fo Celiac (only had the Iga) but feel much better w/o gluten. Anyway, my 2 yo daughter has been eating gluten since she was about 13 months (my husband is a gluten eater) and has never really exhibited any adverse reactions. Last month she had diarrhea for 5+ days and then a few days of vomiting on top of that. Now it could have been a stomach flu, rotavirus or ?, it's hard to tell. But since she had been getting some kind of fever and cold at least once a month since Nov I decided to try her out on a gluten-free diet. Of course the diarrhea and vomitting stopped right after but, again it could have run it's course if it was something else. I did talk her Dr into testing her (though he only ordered an IGA and I haven't yet received the results as he's been on vacation) which I had done right before we started the gluten-free diet. Anyway, it's been a month on the gluten-free diet now and I was just wondering what length of time you would waiting before trying a gluten eating test? I was originally going to wait just a month, but I'm thinking we should wait another month at least. I would very much appreciate opinions and advice. Thanks so much! ~Amelia
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