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  1. I suspect my daughter and I are reacting to the corn in our diet. We have been gluten free for almost two years , bu the symptoms are coming back. Is there a test for a corn allergy? My Gastro. Dr. says there isn't one, but after reading info. on this site it sounds like there is?? MBM1
  2. Abdominal Pain

    Thank you both for responding. She has been off dairy now for a couple of weeks and it has helped a lot. I am going to have her try the yoga poses when she gets home from school. Also I found a gentler herbal laxative called Swiss Kriss. I give her half a dose. That is so wierd about the garlic. I have Celiac's also and just discovered that it is the garlic that is still bothering me. Do you know why? Mary
  3. Abdominal Pain

    My seven yr. daughter was diagnosed by Enterolab. She has an appt. with a Gastro dr. at the end of the month but, has been gluten free for over a month. When I tried to reintroduce it for a biopsy she had a severe reaction. She still has abdominal pain so, we took her off dairy also. When does the pain go away? I am hoping it is constipation pain. She can't have a bowel movement unless I give her Glycolex. Help!!
  4. Hi. This is my first post. My daughter and I both have most of the symptoms of Celiac and mistakenly tried a gluttn free diet before diagnosis. Both of our symptoms greatly improved. Has anyone tried the stool testing through enterolab? mbm1
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