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  1. Coffee does terrible things to my stomach and sleep patterns. I drink green tea with soy milk!
  2. I have had serious problems with depression and mood disorders all my life. At one point I was even diagnosed manic depressive. But that doctor was stupid because I am not manic depressive. Once I stopped taking all the meds I was on (which were actually making me worse) and changed my diet I started to get much better. I started eating really healthy (completly cut out sugar, reduced alcohol, didn't eat processed foods, cut down on meat, ate more veggies and fruits) but I was still eating gluten because I didn't know about the Celiac then. I was still depressed, just not crazy with manic symptoms. I have recently gone gluten free and now my depression is completely gone. It is really, really important that I also eat NO sugar in addition to no gluten. If I get even a little of either my depression comes back.
  3. I have just recently gone gluten-free. I have felt leaps and bounds better, however, I still LOOK terrible! My skin has started to clear up (acne), however my skin just looks unhealthy. I look like I'm sick and tired (I have horrible dark circles no matter how much sleep I get.) People always ask me, ARE YOU OK CAUSE YOU DON'T LOOK SO GOOD?!? hahaha. I can finally tell them, yes NOW I am. Anyway I was just wondering how long until I look as good as I feel now that I'm gluten-free?
  4. sugar doesn't give me gastro problems as long as there is no gluten in it, however I DO have a serious problem with sugar. Whenever I eat sugar, even if it isn't very much, I become depressed the next day. The more I have, the worse the depression is. It's terrible! Even before I discovered my gluten intolerance I knew that sugar negatively effected me and I try to avoid it at all costs!
  5. Yes I totally agree with this. I have been thinking a lot about this today and I have talked with my family about it. It makes SO much more sense to just forget the "official" diagnosis and just do what feels right. It's just such a weird thing when your doc tells you DO THIS and you know that makes no sense. But I should be the last person to listen to docs because 90% of them have diagnosed me incorrectly in the past...
  6. I just went to the doc. today. I've been eating gluten free for a month with wonderfull results. After explaining my situation, he said it sounded a lot like Celiac. He drew blood to test for antibodies even though I've been gluten free for almost a month. He said that it could still show antibodies. Has this happened for anyone else? Anyway he told me to start eating gluten again and we'll do a biopsy in a month unless the blood test is positive in which case I'm dx celiac. I started eating it again earlier today and I've already had D twice in the past 2 hours, my stomach hurts, my body hurts, and I have a headache. I thought it would at least take a few days of eating it again that I'd feel sick! I don't know if I'll last a month....
  7. I am not sure if I have celiac disease or not at this point. I have a GI appointment on Thursday so I will talk to a doctor about it (for the first time). However, I am not all together trusting of doctors for many reasons some of which I'll talk about in this post. So I was wondering if anyone could give me any comments/ideas about my story please!!!!! First of all I am a 22 year old female. I am of normal weight for my height with a BMI of 22. As a kid I was always very happy and outgoing and had no problems ever with my stomach (except for a gallbladder problem for which I recently had to have my gallbladder removed). Then, when I was 17 years old, I still remember the FIRST time I ever felt that pain. It is like this cramping pain in the area between my belly button and the bottom part of my ribcage. It's like I'm REALLY hungry even though I have always just ate when pain begins. Looking back now, ever since that day it just all went downhill for me health wise. I had this cramping pain pretty much all the time, unless I just didn't eat much. So often times I did just that- didn't eat much. And I lost a lot of weight. I also became very depressed and began to get intense migraines. Additionally, I began to break and fracture my bones from doing absolutely nothing where a "normal" person would break a bone. For example, I severely fractured the bones in both my shins just from walking a little more than I normally did (when I went away to college.) Or I would break a toe just from stubbing it. (that happened a few times.) So I stopped doing any type of sports. From the time I was 17 until now I had extreme problems with depression and anxiety. They went off and on. However for the past year I have actually been depression free. Other symptoms include: loose stools/constipation/D (it alternates), constantly needing to eat something (I actually thought I was hypoglycemic for a while because I can not go for more than 2 hours without eating or I feel like I
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