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  1. My daughter had a blood test and the results shown high antiglutin IgG. Dos anyone know what the odds are that she has celiac disease? We had to wait 3 weeks before she sees the GI for the first time. Thanks, A Mom
  2. Thanks for the help! It was nice to see a list of common foods she can have. I don't wish this on anyone but it nice to know that I am not alone. This week is a good waak but the waiting to findout is killing me. Thanks, A Mom
  3. Hello, I have an 8 year old girl. We have done the blood test and it shows that she might have Celiac. We need to see the Doctor but we are expecting to have to do the biopsy. What things should be asking the Doctor? Also does the overwhelming feeling ever go away? And how do the kids adjust? Hopefully better than me. I am on the computer everynight researching everything and anything with celiac. A Mom!
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