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  1. I am not actually diagnosed yet for celiac disease. But, due to my family history it probably is. So, I went to my doctor to find out what I had at this time I did not know what was wrong with me. He believes it is diabetes. Which I find absurd since there is one person who has boarder line diabetes in my family and that is my grandmother no one else. So, I thought I would do my own test I ate gluten products for lunch and sure enough my stomach felt pain, and had to go to the bathroom very fast. Fast forward a bit and I started to use marijuana (illegally) to aid in my stomach problem and to help me gain weight. At the moment I am very underweight for my age which is 18 and only 113 pounds. After doing a small amount of marijuana it aided me in relieving the pain and giving me the munchies. Which then allowed me to gain more weight. The only problem was my mother found out about me smoking marijuana. I told her the reason behind why I smoked it and she understood but, told me to stop wasting money on it. So I agreed. After this I continued to lose weight and have had stomach aches. I really would like to be placed on medical marijuana. I would take a pill but. the problem with that is I am afraid of swallowing pills. So, I am debating whether to buy marijuana illegally to aid in my health or to just try to change my diet. I dont really like vegetables but, with marijuana it aided me to eat them since when i was "high" I just wanted food to eat. PS: I just had a sandwich since I was hungry and now I am in pain and have already went to the bathroom. So, I am sorry for the confusing story.
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