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  1. My daughter has Celiac & anaphylaxis to peanut/tree nut. We use Authentic Foods Classic Blend Flour.
  2. I have not found the other Chex yet! My daughter eats the Rice Chex often, would love to get her a variety. I do have a question though - Are the other Chex cross-contaminated with peanuts/tree nuts? I thought I read it on this thread. Please tell me it's not true!! Thank You!! Also, in NJ (Central)
  3. I have to be honest - we didn't talkl about it too much. I didn't want it to be a big issue with her. We try not to make things into big issues about food. This is definately more my issue than hers. She talked about it a little - she was just a little disappointed since she couldn't enjoy the same things her friends were. She didn't understand why she couldn't eat hers on Friday. We spoke briefly like i said and i think she was ok with everything. she, thankfully, is pretty easy going. Every now and again things bother/upset her. Thanks again to everyone. Love this site!!
  4. Thank you all for you responses. I really like that letter idea to the school. Her teacher usually works closely with me and this is the first "real" issue this year. I still am upset that everyone got to eat those darn donuts! i have to stop dwelling on it but it just makes me angry. She has a safe treat box in her class room for situations like this but this should not have happened. She knows that she will have different snacks on occasion, but i have always tried to substitute something similar for her in class. i just need to let this go..... I really thank you all again for the support
  5. i need to write this because i am very upset and i would like to hear what other think i should do. My daughter is in the first grade (peanut/treenut allergy & celiac disease). On Friday the class celebrated the 100th day of school with a breakfast. Fine, I made her fresh donuts that am and had a frozen bagel packed also. THis is what the teacher listed as the class was eating. Well, the mom that was supposed to bring in the donuts forgot! So, Cailyn could not eat her donut because no one else had any. Fast forward to Tuesday. The mom surprised the class and I am assuming the teacher at this point with donuts. Everyone ate donuts except my daughter!! She had a bag of skittles. I am very angry, upset, and just plain pissed. (excuse my language) I put a call into the asst. principal to discuss this and the fact that there is just too much food in the class room. I will keep you posted on what transpires. well i just want to know am i wrong to feel this way? should i pursue this issue about limiting the food in the classroom? I just really needed to get this out and hear everyone ideas/opinions. Thank you all so much for listening and taking the time to respond. Kelly
  6. My 6 yr old daughter enjoys them. She likes the cocoa loco & the very berry (?). She did not care for the apple flavor though. She is also a fussy eater, so they must be pretty good! She also enjoys their cookies!! Whole Foods actually had the bars on sale one week, we bought quite a few boxes.
  7. Thank You so much that sounds like a great idea. I actually already have a book to keep the food diary in. Making her lay down for a while does make sense. (Then I'll have another problem on my hands if this is for attention!)
  8. First I want to thank this board! I have read so much helpful info, it's the main place that truly gets me thru. Well, my 6 yr old daughter was dx. about 4 months ago. We have been doing very well, her stomach aches almost stopped immediately. Now, she has been complaining again of stomach aches. I don't know if it truly has anything to do with her celiac or not. She doesn't complain if she is doing something she wants to be doing or if she is busy and doesn't think about it! I really don't know what to think or do!? My husband thinks we should take her back to the Dr. but I just don't know if that's the answer. I feel like I am at a complete loss . . . I am trying so hard to make this transition easy for her by baking/cooking all of her old favorites gluten free which, the majority of them she enjoys. I am really feeling low and sorry for her and I don't know what to do. If anyone has any ideas please let me know - I take all of this advice to heart. Thank You all in advance!! Kelly
  9. We purchased a Cuisinart bread maker from BEd, Bath, Beyond and it has a gluten free option!
  10. Dionnek - My 6 yr old daughter was recently dx. with celiac. We live in central NJ. We go to MMH (Morristown Memorial Hospital) The children's Goryeb center. The gastroenterologists there are great! I hope this helps and good luck!
  11. Thank You so much!! We ARe having a turkey dinner & i have this buscuit recipe. Thanks again!!
  12. Is potato starch and potato starch flour the same thing? I have a recipe that calls for potato starch but all I have is the flour. Can i still use this in my recipe? Thanks
  13. Cc Questions

    We are about 3 weeks gluten free and my daughter is doing fairly well, No More Stomachaches!!! My question is about CC. We understand it because she also has peanut allergies, but what is hard for us is that there are no immediate symptoms so we are not sure how good we are doing. She does now and again complain of stomach aches, but we are not sure if this is her not understanding the feeling of being hungry and being full versus having a true stomach ache. One of our concerns is Play Doh. She is old enough to know not to eat it (which my kids never did). We also have always washed our hands after playing. Is this good enough? Also, our house not 100% gluten free but we wipe everything down and cook her foods first. Any other suggestions? Oh, by the way, Is Pam cooking spray safe? We noticed that there is grain alcohol in it! This is where we get really confused!! Thank you all again for all of your great info. & help.
  14. Does anyone know if these cereals are also peanut/tree nut free? Thanks!
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