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  1. I live in Northern Maine (aka Aroostook County). I also visit the Bangor area alot. I have found that I can eat at Bonanza in Presque Isle, but I am skeptical elsewhere. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or knew of any items. The Bonanza grill is right behind the counter and I could see that they use tongs for the toast and such. I had the chicken monteray with no issue. It is rare to find something flavorful I can eat. I can also eat the pork ribs at Chopsticks in the Aroostook Center mall. Other than that, I tend to get sick. I would think I could eat at Governor's, but I have yet to try the theory. Ok, so my question is does anyone know of restaurants in the area that either already have safe items or that are friendly about making special requests? I don't dare ask in Presque Isle, at least not at most places. I have found few employees who even remotely enjoy their jobs at restaurants and such a request seems to ruin their day.
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