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  1. I am very grateful to everyone on this thread. It's been extremely helpful to me as I am in the same place, dealing with other health issues also (interstitial cystitis). I'll learn to become a "regular" on these message boards! Thanks again.
  2. New to this forum. Seeing is a reply will bump this up to the top. Good info!
  3. Skinnyminny, I'm looking to buy a bread machine. What kind do you have?
  4. Here! Here! I agree....not lazy, just busy. I recently picked up one of the books by Bette Hagman, The Gluten-free Gourmet. It has several recipes I'd like to try. Thanks for the recommendations girls!
  5. Thanks for the quick response! One of my colleagues has a breadman pro....and also loves it. Also appreciate the info on the frozen stuff. I'll stay away from it. Regards!
  6. I'd like to give gluten-free breadmaking a try. Any recommendations on a breadmaker? Thanks!
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