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  1. Hi there, I went gluten free for the alst month as a trial because of exteme fatigue, brian fog, and poor bowel movements, usually 4 times a day. I have felt better since going gluten free, but still occassionaly get brain fog, extreme bloating and fatigue, and most times its not after unkowingly eating gluten. I still haven't had good bowel movements even after the removal of gluten. I tried today to load up on gluten, some bread, doughnut and a piece of cake to make sure. The strange thing is, yes I felt not that great and had to go to the bathroom. But for the first 1.5 hours I felt totally fine... 100%. Then I had to go to the bathorom and was a little brain fogged. But not NEARLY as bad as I have been in the past. I thought I would be very tired from all that gluten, or at least as tired as some of my worse experience over the last month of gluten free. But really not that bad? I really don't think its lactose either, because the brain fog went away quite considerably over the lats month and if anything i've been eating way more lactose to compensate for the lack of gluten. Is there anything you can think of that might be a problem for me that I'm over looking. Typical items in my diet I eat, (Have confirmed everything is gluten free) include -Frozen Vegetables (LOTS) -boneless skinleess chicken breats (LOTS) -Tuna (occasionally) -Mayo -Yogurt -Cottage Cheese -Peanut Butter -Cheese (swiss andcheddar) -bacon bitgs -cheez whiz -onions -liquid egg -Canola Oil -Decaf Coffee -Splenda -Tomatos (occassionally, I'm suspecting it might be this, because last day I remember feeling bad I had some tomatos) -mushrooms What do you guys think? I can't figure it out, but thanks for the time!
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