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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Oh gees, where do I start? I do a recap as briefly as I can. AT 4 years old my daughter started having mucus in her stools, distended gassy abdomen, forceful burping, abdominal pain, passing large amounts of gas, ulcers in her mouth, etc. Did some different testing, celiac panel came back negative, but pedi suggested try gluten free diet for the summer, diet made all these things go away, if she did get gluten, in two days she would have mucus again, we got better at avoiding gluten and she got to the point that all symptoms were gone. Now she is 6 almost seven, and we decided to finally see a pediatric GI doctor, to get some advice, and maybe more concrete answers. We had done testing through enterolab which showed that my daughter has a gene for gluten intolerance and a gene pre-disposing her to celiac disease, and said she should avoid gluten due to the reaction in her stool. This doc basically said that these results were null and void, and said that according to her panel she does not have celiac. She was concerned with her short stature and the fact that my husband and I are both tall. She said to put her back on gluten for a week and she expected her to have mucus in her stool during this time and we would do some stool studies( previous stool studies showed split fat in her stool). I asked her about "what if her gut has healed and it takes longer than one week, she said as long as she was not having symptoms, including any behavioral problems to keep her on gluten. Well she has been eating gluten for about a month or so now and she has had no mucus or complaints of abdominal pain, and she is happy to be eating gluten again. I got a hard time from lots of people having her on a gluten free diet without a definative diagnosis, even though I was just doing what my pediatrician advised me to do. But now life is easier with birthday parties and eating out etc., but I can't help but feel like I may be giving her something that may be doing her damage, and that makes me very uneasy. I am still waiting to see what happens, but I am thinking of asking her to repeat the celiac panel, since she has been having gluten. Following a gluten free diet is very hard and I don't want to impose this on her unnecessarily, but I don't want to feed her food that may cause her to develop cancer, or be infertile, etc. I seem to remember reading about a honeymoon phase that kids can have, between the ages of 6-11 or something, is this what's going on? I don't know, and I'm not sure what my next step should be if anything?! What to do?
  3. I was trying to order makeup from everyday minerals, I have ordered with them before and was pleased, however this time my order would not go thru, it was telling me, that my zip code was invalid, anyone else have trouble ordering with them?
  4. My son is 3.5 yrs and has been complaining of leg pains for over a year, at first my dr blew this off and did not think it was anything, she said to keep a journal to see what time of day he complained and if it was one or both legs, etc. Well, when he started complaining again we did blood work and x rays etc, and everything came out OK, so we never really did get an answer, but he doesn't really complain anymore, just once in a blue moon, and I still don't know what's causing it. But he does not have an altered gait or anything. Good Luck getting your answers, I hope your dr will be find something more definitive, we just ruled out a few bad things, but never got to the root cause of it. It seems like that happens alot.
  5. today I brought my daughter a pizza at school for her lunch, I try to bring her something hot at least once a week, because otherwise I tend to send the same thing everyday, and she's really good about it, because she doesn't complain, but I was thinking that there are some things that she could eat on the regular menu, so today while I was there, I talked to the head lunch lady and she wrote down what things my daughter cannot have (wheat, rye, barley and oats) and she said she would give it to the dietition who plans there lunches so that she can say what doesn't have these ingredients, and that she would let me know what she could have. I have been sending her lunches for a year and a half now and I know she would like to eat with the other kids, I know that somedays I will probably still have to send her lunch. Has anyone else ever attempted this and has it worked? I am hopeful, but already having my doubts.
  6. I am reading others reactions to getting glutened and I'm wondering if this may be why I am feeling so depressed and blah today. thursday night I left with a co-worker to go to a conference a few hours away from home and I was gone two nights and two days, during that time I ate lots of gluten. I felt fine at first, but then my stomach started hurting a little, then when I got back it hurt really bad, and today I am so depressed. I have had trouble with chronic candida for 2.5 yrs and now have reason to believe I may have celiac disease. It' probably both making me feel this way. The bad thing is, the more depressed I get, the more I want to drown myself in gluten and sugar. I am feeling really down in the dumps. I can see how drug addicts and alcoholics struggle with their addictions. Because, even though mine is not drugs or alcohol, it just normal everyday food, but it is self-destructive to me and I overindulge myself in it anyway, I know it will make me feel like crap. I rationalize my actions by telling myself that if all these other people can eat this normal food, then I can too. I don't like feeling like I'm not normal and having to not eat sugar, gluten, minimal carbs, no dairy etc. I get so depressed. I love eating. I know I'm being a whiney baby, but anyone else ever loath in self-pity, if so how's the best way out?
  7. Well, we went to my mom's today and while I was at the grocery store, he had an accident, a BM in his underwear, I didn't even care that he had an accident, I was just glad he went. She said it was seedy, that is because, I feed him bumble bars, and they really help him go. I just wanted to share the bumble bar tip with anyone else having constipation issues. I read all your tips and some I have tried, like the mineral oil, that did help, we tried that a couple of yrs ago, but I read that it can block mineral absorption from the GI tract so I wish I had not given it. I don't want them to be dependant on laxatives, I rather try to natural approach, so I think I will try the naturalcalm. Also I have trouble getting him to his probiotic, so I may try to powder form. I do feed him raw veggies and fruits and beans and anything I think will help him go, he getting dairy only on occasion. thanks for all responses.
  8. has anyone tried Natural calm, it's a magnesium powder that is mixed in a drink. a doctor i see suggested this. I'm not sure what to try first. thanks for all your advise.
  9. my son has had trouble with constipation since he was a little over a year old, he just made three. I have bought him fiber tabs, he wont' take them, I give him probiotics he sometimes won't take. a doctor suggested psyllium, but I doubt that he will take it. Does any one have any suggestions that work for a constipated three year old. I feed him bumble bars and for a while that kept him regular, but lately he's still constipated. I try to feed him fruit and nuts and anything that I think will help him go. anything I bake has flax meal in it, from pancakes to muffins. thanks for your suggestions in advance.
  10. my daughter loves pepperoni, but I don't love all the nitrates and other nasty things in there, does any one know of a healthy version of pepperoni, preferably sliced? thanks for sharing.
  11. I'll share with you my daughter's favorites, she is a picky eater too. Most days it's van's gluten-free waffles toasted, with sunflower seed butter on it. she loves this, if allowed she could have this for breakfast and lunch. she also likes glutino, ritz-like crackers with peperoni on them. ham rolled up like a cigar. she likes the k-toos oreo like cookies, but she likes the white ones. I know there is more, but I just woke up and can't think to clearly right now. Happy eating!
  12. Wow, it sounds like you have had a pretty rough time! there are definately people here who can relate. It must be a good feeling to finally have an answer to what was causing your problems, now you can be well. Good luck on your recovery and welcome. I have found lots of comfort and learned a great deal from this forum.
  13. My son is gluten intolerant and he recently had white poop, as I was told by my mom who was babysitting him. I am pretty sure that I have seen this once before, and his poop also has things floating on the edges of it, like ruffles floating in the water off of an otherwise normal consistency poop, anyone have this experience before and know what it means? He does not always have the ruffles only on occasion, he does suffer with consitpation, he only goes once every 3-4 days.
  14. I have had a long standing battle with vaginal yeast infections, toenail fungus and some GI issues, constipation, pain etc. I have tried to treat myself with natural antifungals and diet, but decided to see a dr, to try to get rid of my eczema on my hands. he is an internal medicine MD, but also works in wellness and prevention and has some knowledge of supplements, celiac, fungus, etc. well on the first visit I was so glad to maybe get rid of my eczema and be rid of fungus. he had me take my temp for 5 days, keep track of my urine and saliva ph for 14 days and he ordered labs to check my thyroid, a CBC, CMP and I sent off stool and saliva specimens to a co. called Diagnos-techs. this checked for present of yeast, parasites, anti-gliadin antibodies, etc. All my tests are comming back fine, the only thing is that I am a little anemic, which I have been everytime I've ever been checked. I said that he wants to test my adrenals via saliva test through the same lab, and check an iron level. I may do the adrenal test but I don't think I'll do the iron test, I'm sure it probably is low. I am questioning the validity of this lab, anyone familiar with them? He wanted to put me on diflucan, but since I have been on this for 21 days before and did not have permanent results, but I was not following the diet that he has me on ( doug koufman's diet) He wanted to put me on sporanox, but I refused since it is so bad for you liver, also according to my test results, I have no fungus problem, but I believe I do. He suggested I buy OregaBiotic, it's an herbal antifungal, but he said it also kills you friendly bacteria too, so be sure to take it with a probiotic like two hours later, or before. He also suggested I buy Ambrotose, it's made buy a company called Mannatech, it's a glyconutrient. I did follow the diet for one week and my hands were not swollen like they usually are, and they were getting better, so I think the diet is helping but it is so hard to follow and I don't know if this guy knows what he's doing. I asked him about nystatin, because it's an anti-fungal that is good at treating GI tract yeast and has no side-effects and it's cheap, and safe, but he said well that mains deals with the gut yeast so I said well I thought that was where the problem is, I don't know what he said. Anyway I did buy the supplements the ambrotose and oregabiotic but I'm not sure that I needed these, and I don't think they will take them back. the diet is so hard to follow, if you stay home and fix your own food it's not too bad but if you go anywehre unless you bring your food with you, you can just starve because no one can accommodate you. I know this is alot to read, but any advise or shared experiences would be helpful.
  15. thanks for all your fun ideas, I really like the treasure chest one and the present cake, I'm thinking fruit a bu, fruit roll-ups would work well for ribbon, the ice cream cake sounds yummy too. I will try to be creative, thanks for all who shared their ideas.
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