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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm in Mississauga. I found a selection in those stores as well but guess I'm looking for the "easy meals"...not just the staples like bread. When you order on line, what's the S/H like? Do you still eat out in restaurants? Ren
  2. Can anyone share info they may have on what they've been told with regards to celiacs and an increased chance of melanoma. I've heard both sends of the spectrum from "it's inevitable" to "37%" (in one Dr's book) to "no more chance than longevity" So much info in just a day and a half...my head hurts.
  3. Just got a call back from Tim Horton's (Canadian) Head Office. They've said that all their beverages, including ice-caps and caf
  4. Hi all. It's official now. DD confirmed yesterday with total villi atrophy. All previous posts were on "pre-diagnosis, now here we are. Almost all I've read stems from US. Anyone out there from Canada? Reason I ask is that the product base is quite different from US to Canada (much less here from what I can see) As we're new to gluten-free diet, would really appreciate some advice/feed back as to best places to shop, eat out, etc. Thanks in advance.
  5. Since there are no "emoticons" for teary-eyed...I'll just let you know that your replies have reduced me to tears! (Thank-you so much. I noticed that you're from Canada as well. I've been told that there are different "rules" for US, Canada and Europe - true? I'll now be able to tell Ren
  6. I'm new to forum. Posted "info appreciated" and got great feedback but I think our situation is opposite to cases I've been reading where symptoms are present despite negative test results. My teen DD has no symptoms what-so-ever, with or without glutens but got positive blood test. (she was tested due to her type 1 diabetes) Therefore this is my dilema. Biopsy was last week - no results as yet. Should the results come back negative, what purpose would a gluten-free diet pose? Conversely, if it comes back positive and we do begin the gluten-free lifestyle, how will we know there's improvement if we don't have a sympomatic benchmark to which to compare? My head hurts!
  7. Thank-you for such a knowledgeable reply! Based on what I've foind out so far, the gluten-free lifestyle sounds healthier even if you aren't celiac. We were first told of DD's positive blood test 08/08/06 and I've been doing some 'research' ever since. Only this week did I come across this forum. Thank-you to all who participate. I feel so much less "alone" (if that makes any sense!)
  8. Hello...brand new to the forum. My 15 year old, special needs, Type 1 diabetic daughter has recently tested positive for celiac despite being completely asymptomatic. "gold test" done last week. At the risk of sounding like I've got my head firmly in the sand, can anyone tell me if you've ever heard of blood tests being positive but biopsy coming back negative. She's already dealing with so much that I guess I'm 'grasping at straws'. Will gladly embrace the gluten-free lifestyle with her if need be but...still curious.
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