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  1. Can excersizing cause stomach discomfort? I have been responding well to the gluten free diet. but when I started excersizing 2 days ago, i have been sick non stop almost. and still on the diet. so I am wondering if the excersizing is just stimulating intestinal/digestive tract. Has anyone else had this happen with excersizing??
  2. Can Frozen Hamburger Patties have hidden fillers that are not on the packaging? Because 1 brand does not affect me, but another does, and both say 100% ground beef.
  3. Anyone know if there are any Restraunts in Disneyland that are Gluten free or allergy friendly? I am on a strict, gluten free, soy free, corn free, and dairy free diet. strictly for the last 3 days and not sick for 3 days. However I am planning a trip to Disneyland soon and want to be able to eat.. I can bring the enjoy life brand snack bars for a snack. but they don't let real food into the park, so i can't like make a sandwhich and bring it with me. So i was wondering if anyone knew if Disneyland was allergy friendly???
  4. Does anyone use a Trampoline to excersize?
  5. Is there anything gluten free at Black Angus? the family is getting together for Mother's day.
  6. it's a 4 inch sclupture i made. I found hansens is gluten free... so i am happy since i am drinking one now.
  7. I find I cannot eat certain brands of gluten free foods. Just because it says gluten free doens't mean I can eat it. Was terribly sick this week after my grandmother bought me some gluten free cookies. I stayed away from them for 2 days... then ate them again, the same thing happened. so i now know to avoid that brand. Is anyone else like that? or is it just me?
  8. Going gluten free helped my art. my sculptures went from ok, to great overnight . on days i eat gluten accidentally, i can't think well enough to do much of anything. I think it's deffinitly related to gluten.
  9. I have had pain in my lower left side. It only happens before I get sick. When I am gluten free, no pain, and no sick. I was sick all week, because I was drinking rice dream, didnt know it was not gluten free. but as soon as I got off it, i have been fine again. with no pain.
  10. I am assuming hidden valley ranch dressing is NOT gluten free as I got a headache and tummy probs after eating it. am I right?
  11. how long does it take for them to ship it? I get mine at whole foods. but we were thinking of ordering as people here in my family work and I don't drive so I have to rely on them. but i dont want the bread to spoil enroute to my house.
  12. Is there any good cereal that is wheat free/corn free?
  13. Does anyone know of any gluten/wheat free/corn free/ junk foods??? cookies, cake mixes, chips? anything??? my grandmother today bought me some gluten/wheat free cookies that made me very sick. We looked at the ingredients and my mother reminded me that years ago a Dr. told me i was allerigic to corn. which i had forgotten. this might be why all my symptoms had not gone away. so now I am trying to go on a gluten free / corn free diet. I can eat kinnikinnick bread. so whatever is in that, is the kind of stuff i guess i should be eating. but i would like to be able to eat some junk food along with the rest of the family
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