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  1. Hey there all, I have improved in the last 4 years but still have constant gut pain. It was over 30 years that I suffered. My skin rashes dissappear if I stay Gluten free after maybe 6-8 weeks. Last August I received some contamination at a Gluten Free Resturant( they said so..ha ha) but it took my almost till Christmas to get over most of it. Yesterday I had a test at the hospital and last night my legs broke out right away. There must have been some gluten in the X-ray drink, nothing else could have been the problem. Generally I believe it takes me about 6 weeks or MORE to be over it somewhat. I am thinking that maybe ( after reading about cookware) that it may be the cause of my gut pain. I just don't know what else...... WA4MOE
  2. Hey Grump, yes, I have had ringing in the ears for many many years. As long as I can remember. It was about 30 years before I was dianosed with celiac disease and now it is better. But the ringing continues day and night. Nothinbg stops it. WA4MOE
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