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  1. This is why I love the internet. Two days ago I was only vaguely aware that celiac disease even existed & now I'm getting answers to every question I could think of asking about it. The whole sip of beer issue really surprised me. At this point we've only known each other for a few weeks so I don't really feel like I have the right to start questioning her about what she chooses to eat, but I'm surprised she did something that's so potentially unhealthy. I don't want to put anything too personal about someone else online, but from everything I know about her so far she doesn't seem at all like the type of person who'd just ignore potential food dangers. Anyways, thanks again to everyone who gave cooking advice though, it's good to know that I need to be really careful.
  2. Thanks again for all the advice. Do you know if cast iron pans are a problem? They're not supposed to be cleaned with soap, and they're made of a kind of porous substance, so I'm thinking that I should probably avoid using them.
  3. Thank you for the reply. How thoroughly do I have to clean pots or dishes that may have had glutten containing foods in them? Is a good scrub with soap and water enough or a run through the dish washer enough?
  4. I just learned yesterday that a someone I've started seeing has Celiac disease, and I was wondering how careful I have to be when cooking for her. We went out for drinks once, and she said that she shouldn't really have beer, but she tried a sip of mine to see what it was like. Because of this I assumed that small amounts of gluten weren't a big deal, but after doing some reading about it today it sounds like even a tiny bit of contamination can be disastrous. Is it possible to have a "mild" form of celiac disease where exposure to small amounts of gluten won't really harm you, or do I always have to be super-careful when I have her over for dinner? Obvisously I'll be asking her this myself, but I figured I should do some research on my own as well.
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