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  1. I don't believe there is any one test which can definitively say one is sensitive to any particular substance. And the test numbers don't always correlate as you would expect. Dr. Fine said quite clearly that the NUMBER doesn't indicate severity. For example, a person with an IGA barely above the "normal" <10 could be far sicker than someone with a score of, say, 80.

    A lot of serious symdromes suffered by people WITHOUT celiac disease are vastly improved by eliminating both gluten and dairy from the diet. Both dairy and grain producers advertise heavily in all sorts of ways to convince us all that these food items are vital to the diet. They are NOT, and in fact, if truth be known, I suspect that we ALL would bev better off not eating grains or dairy at all, or at least, having them in only very tiny amounts. I once read that humans are the ONLY mammal that once weaned, continues to eat milk. Milk is for babies, cow's milk is probably best only for baby cows, and we don't need it after the age of 2 or so.

    The biggest allergens are dairy, corn, soy, wheat, eggs. This should tell you something. The human body does its best to adapt to antigens, which is what the body considers a substance when it mounts an allergic reaction. Some people have more successful adaptive capabilities, but really....when you look at the huge number of complaints in our society....indigestion, heartburn, IBS type sumptoms, high blood pressure, diabetes at younger and younger ages, and all those expensive and profitable drugs to treat these things.....I'd say it's pretty logical to lay the cause at the door of nutrition...what we are eating. Just because you can eat it doesn't mean you SHOULD eat it!!!

    Very well said...thanks for the information. Now that I'm gluten and casein free, I wonder if I'm harming the rest of my family's health by allowing them to eat the stuff. :(

  2. Dear CraigN,

    Thank you for telling me that about Smart Balance! I correct that right now! I can handle dairy in extremely small amounts. I can tolerate a candy bar with milk chocolate, but not a pudding cup. Small amounts of margarine I handle. I have to watch my fat intake, due to having my gallbladder removed.

    You're welcome. I checked the label for Smart Balance Light and it looks like it's both dairy and gluten free. I was starting to get bummed 'cause I love da butter! :D

  3. I Did your doctor recommend trying to go gluten-free or was this your idea? Does your doctor have any theory beyond I B(e) S(tumped)?

    No, once the doctor got the blood test results back for celiac (which I forgot to mention) and saw that they were negative, I think he put that out of his mind. It was after reading a lot that I decided to go gluten free on my own. He did prescribe Bentyl to help the pain - which did absolutely nothing.

  4. Have you yet gone gluten-free? If so, for how long & did you have a positive response? I would go by the answers to these questions rather than the test results.

    I originally had a CAT scan (negative) and a colonoscopy in March - the colonoscopy turned up a few benign polyps. However, the pain was still evident.

    I've been gluten free since March 12 and have lost 16 pounds. The pain in my lower left abdomen went alway almost immediately. One day a few weeks ago after having 3 cups of coffee I had really bad pain. At that point I stopped drinking coffee and any residual pain subsided the next day. My BM's have normalized as well. I started going casein free about a week and a half ago.

  5. Dear CraigN,

    From what I can tell, the only thing you need to be extremely concerned about is gluten. Your levels were out of the normal range for the IgA. You also have two gluten intolerance genes. That puts you at severe sensitivity risk. Not a speck of the stuff needs to get in your system! The casein really appears borderline. I would either go very light on it, or exclude it altogether. You may want to avoid it completely for a couple of weeks, and then add it back in to see if you tolerate it. I hope that helped make things less confusing. Welcome to the board Craig!



    Thanks! I got a response from Enterolab regarding the casein:

    Dear Craig, Even though you are right on the cusp, we still recommend that you omit casein from your diet. This number confirms that you are intolerant to the protein. If you were to continue to consume casein, this number would eventually climb. Unfortunately, casein can cause the same problems that gluten does. Your body will produce the antibody against the casien protein, as it does with the gluten protein and the presence of the antibody in your system is what can trigger the other medical problems to occur. I wish I had better news for you.

  6. The results show you are gluten intolerant and carry the genes for that. My educated guess would be that the numbers define some kind of genetic subtype. I took part in National Geographic Genome Project and there were lots of numbers like this in the gene test results.

    As to casein, I would do a complete exclusion of this for quite a while, the lab says 12 months, and then do a dietary challenge. They are saying to do this because of the possibility that the results were a false negative. It can take a long time for antibodies and their effects to leave the system thus the resaon IMHO for the long exclusion.

    Hopefully others will also add some insight. Have you telephoned the lab to see if they can make things clearer? They might be able to give some answers as well.

    Thanks. I did send them an email yesterday. It's nice to know there's a wealth of information out there - if you know where to look!

  7. Does anyone else have aproblem with coffee. The last 2 times i drank it, i got nauseous for about an hour and felt terrible. I need a caffeine pick me up in the morning, what could i drink to give me a boost in the morning besides coffee? Thanks everyone.

    Yes - I stopped drinking about a week ago and have noticed a tremendous decrease in the pain in the left side of my gut. I started drinking tea in the morning and haven't missed the coffee a bit.