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  1. Hi, I've just had my gastroscopy cancelled for the second time and the doctors don't want to do a blood test for Celiac disease. They say that I should wait until I've had the gastroscopy done (probably in about 2 months on the NHS) as it is the "gold standard" for diagnosis. Is it possible that I've got celiac disease? My symptoms are: Quite bad indigestion/reflux and use a bottle of gaviscon each week Problems sleeping and keep waking up in the early hours and struggle to get back to sleep Stomach pain + nausea Tiredness/Weakness No energy- I've had to stop almost everything that I do during the week, apart from going to work which I still do, though this can be awkward when I have to do anything physical Irritability Breathlessness when walking up the stairs Pain in legs, as if I have just walked miles and miles, even though I haven't Very dry skin on face- though have had this for about 5/6 years Depression every so often- again, had this for several years Had tingling in my testicles for some reason- this lasted about 3 months and stopped almost as suddenly as it started Quite bad breath Faintness/Dizziness Times when I have lots of gas Bloatedness- sometime I have tight trousers, yet other times they're quite loose I can't eat anything after about 8:30pm otherwise I wake up feeling sick + have to reach for the gaviscon There are times when I can't concentrate and can't be bothered doing anything- which is pretty bad as I'm trying to do my accounting exams at the moment I have had problems with acne on my back- when I first started feeling ill my back was quite bad and six months later it has almost cleared There are times when I feel quite hot- though the doctor says that this has nothing to do with celiac disease I'm 23 and the tiredness, sickness and stomach pain started exactly 6 months ago and show no sign of stopping. I was first given domperidone to speed up my stomach movements (or somthing like that) but I had to take it all the time otherwise I would feel sick, then lansoprazole and omeprazole (not at same time!). This stopped the reflux but not the other symptoms. I have had a blood test for glandular fever which came back negative, a normal blood test where everything was normal, and an ultrasound on my stomach- again, normal. I'm thinking about getting a celiac blood test done with BUPA- it's only
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