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  1. Hi there! I have had a lingering feeling my son (now 5) has celiac's from the time he was a baby. I kept blowing it off since he has always been chubby and I always associated celiac's with diarrhea and thin people. Well, he will go 5-6 days and not have a bowel movement. Then, when he does it is a TON and clay colored and very foul smelling (that is an understatement). Well, now his teacher suggested a PT eval because of his lethargy and his random falling down and lack of focus. They diagnosed him with low muscle tone in his upper body and the first thing she asked me was whether he had been tested for Celiac's disease. She said that he had a lot of the symptoms that Celiac kids exhibit. He had a period of about a month where he threw up every day, had severe abdominal pain and was completely lactose intolerant. They did an x-ray which just showed an abnormal gas pattern and they dismissed it as a virus. I am an RN and a GI doc on our floor told me up to 11% of children with Celiacs are overweight. I will be so upset if this has been his problem the whole time! I made a doc appointment for Wednesday with his general pract. and I am going to hard-ball them for the blood test. I am so afraid because of his weight they will dismiss it.
  2. Is it possible for a child to have celiac without the associated symptom of weight loss and/or stunted growth? As I posted a while back, I suspect my 10 month old has celiac but he is a porker and in the 95th percentile for weight. I am taking him to the doc next week for a blood draw (I think that is what they are going to do). I fed him whole wheat toast for lunch (about 1/2 slice) after his sweet potatoes and he has had 4 loose/pasty pale brown/yellowish stools. Just wondering if the weight loss/stunted growth is always indicative of Celiac. Thank you. Natalie
  3. Hello everyone, I am a pediactric nurse and I fear my 9 month old may have celiac disease. For the past 3 weeks, he has had mushy, shoot out the side of the diaper poops and it seems to coincide with the introduction of cheerios, toast etc. My question is this....I have never actually seen celiac patient's stools at work and I was wondering if someone could give me the lowdown. His poop is dark brown, ALOT OF IT, 2-3 times a day, and I think it has traces of mucus. I am sorry, maybe this is TMI, but I need to know if I have to ask the doc to do a celiac panel blood draw on him. He is teething and I know that supposedly doesn't cause loose stools...but any info is appreciated. TIA! Natalie
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