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  1. I have been gluten free for 3 months and I have experienced the same thing! However, I recently had an appt with an herbalist and discovered food sensitivities that I think are the culprit. A few of the things I cannot have are soy, dairy, any berries with little seeds (strawberries, raspberries etc...she said it's difficult for my irritated gut to digest them), nuts and some random fruits and veggies that are difficult to digest or that are very sugery. Also she said that my liver is quite congested (which I had guessed) so it was part of the painful problem. I have experienced some relief so far on my new diet. Once my GI tract shows signs of improvement she is suggesting that I do a cleanse. We are quite hopeful that this will start some healing and long term help I will keep you posted on my progess, and hope you find some relief from your pain soon!

  2. Actually Panera bread does have some good gluten free options. They have been so understanding and helpful when I explain to them that I have allergies and that I need them to change gloves etc to make my food. I have eaten there twice since my diagnosis in April and I haven't gotten sick either time! I've always ordered a salad (they have excellent dressing!) and enjoyed it thoroughly :D


    hope this helps!

  3. My first two cycles following my diagnosis and new gluten free diet were much lighter with minimal cramping and lighter flow. Made me excited to think my monthly 7 days of misery were in the past. However, Aunt flo has not been shy about her third appearance. This is some of the worst cramping and bloating I've ever experienced. I'm so bloated I can't even button my pants and I am seeing double from the pain. Wonder if being glutened last week has anything to do with it...?

    At any rate, I have heard from other gluten-free friends that the new diet revolutionized their monthly experiences on a more permanent basis. I hope these good things for you!

  4. I am new too, having been diagnosed in early April. Before my endoscopy they diagnosed me with ulcers and I took Prilosec for several weeks. It made me feel worse so i stopped taking it and discovered that most likely it was a lack of stomach acid that further affected my digestion issues. My natural health care practicioner recommended that I take stomach building supplements (acidophilus, and other specially made gut strengthening supplements) which has provided the most help. As far as the salmon goes, I still have difficulty digesting salmon too, it makes me feel glutened every time I eat it. I would love to know what makes it have that effect as well!

  5. Thanks for the hope. Sometimes these odd symptoms seem unexplainable and it makes a person wonder if they are the only one with them! I am currently living in a home with a kitchen that is used alot for regular glutened meals, so it's not surprising that I would be glutened without knowing it. I'm not sure how I will do this so I don't have to fight cc in the next 4 months of living there.

    Thanks again for the help :D

  6. Sorry, I know this sounds gross.

    I was diagnosed 7 weeks ago and am just starting to feel energetic and food really digests when I eat! However, I still have an odd symptom that still affects me. After a bowel movement (even a normal one!) I feel nauseaus for hours. Does anyone experience this or know what I can do (or not do) to help this?

    This forum has been such a blessing to me during the past 7 weeks as I've discovered "gluten-free"! Thanks for your help!

  7. I have recently received a diagnosis of celiac disease from a blood test. My dr was unable to get a biopsy due to the inflammation of my small intenstine, however, they are pretty confident that they have reached an answer. After my release from the hospital I went right out and de-glutened my kitchen and felt tremendous for the first 3 days! However over the past 2 weeks I've been surprised to find my symptoms fluctuating and sometimes finding myself worse than before they diagnosed me!

    I can't wear anything that puts any pressure on my abdomen or it triggers a reaction as if I've eaten gluten. Also, I'm experiencing increasing and worsening nausea that is only controlled by Zofran. I don't know if this is part of the healing process or not, but I'm so careful about anything that I ingest or wear I wonder if I'm poisening myself somehow or if there is something else I should be doing?

    What can I do??