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  1. Thank you. I know in my blood work it said b12 test so will see. Like I have been up all night again with extreme bloating,cramping,but constipation.I'm so uncomfortable with the pressure. The constipation issue does make sense from what you say. I'm just waiting for the test results and my other mri result. I don't think my nerve issue would be so localized if it was a nutrient deficiency only but was thinking that it may have been a nutrient deficiency that made me more suspetible to injury and then super slow healing.Thank you again. I hope your all feling better. I see you guys have been through a lot as well and many misdiagnosis which is scary and frustrating I often wonder about docs.
  2. Thank you. It has just been so long and basically I'm in bed most days from the pain.Thats why I feel its more then from an injury. They tried pt once with me and it made it so much worse so till they no the exact cause of this we stopped. I am taking a b complex pill.I just started that 2 weeks ago the foot/ankle specialist told me to.Is that the same is b12? I have bloodwork tomorrow. As for stomach issues like last night I was up all night in severe stomach pain as well. Always so much pressure and bloating with constipation though. I thought most celiac people have diareah. Could it maybe not an intolerance but sensitive? Also I was looking online but maybe a wheat but not gluten issue? I have no idea I'm so desperate for answers. So you have nerve damage from eating gluten or yours was from the injury? Maybe a combo? Anyways take care and thank you very much.
  3. About 3 months ago I thought I developed what was an overuse injury to my inner ankle/foot from exercise. I stopped the exercise but it didn't get better and so after a week then of being in bed with extreme pain I went to the orthopedic who put me in air cast and did bone scans/xrays that showed nothing. I was the refered to a neuro who did mri of brain/spine,doppler,emg all showed nothing.I had bloodwork which did show high liver enzymes which is most of my life and low white blood count but no one was concerned with that being an issue. Mean while months are passing the pain is worse and bed ridden. On a good day a few errands. I also went to the foot ankle specialist who thought it was tarsal tunnel I got 2 nerve block shots. I was started on lyrica,then to cymbalta,now to elavil. My pain is unbarable and gets worse each day as I spend more time laying even sitting hurts. This is through vicadin. Now I was refered back to the ortho who sending me for another mri onTues of my foot/ankle which the other was of brain/spine. I had for 12 years severe anorexia and was hospitilized many times. This past year I have become the healthiest I have been weight and behavior wise .All the docs are aware of the past . I'm wondering if its damage from the past now showing like a deficiency . The neuro did order a new set of bloodwork testing for nutrient deficiency on Mon.Could it be something in my diet that is building up now and causing issues like a gluten issue?I have ibs-c but always its been to the extreme sometimes had to stay in from the cramping,bloating,nausea.Some days from stomach pain and pressure I even have to stay in bed.I also drink so much like non stop but the bloodwork like I said just showed high liver enzymes and low blood count. I have low blood pressure too. I'm loosing my mind and the only thing all the meds and docs have done so far has made things worse. My pain is the inner ankle/foot. I sometimes have tingling and knife pains in the bottom of foot. Around the ankle feels like no circulation sometimes with small swelling. It also goes up to my calf where its tight. The inner ankle bone to even touch hurts and same with the foot/toes.I'm really worried. I'm 28 so not old. If I can help you all in any way let me know. I thank you regardles for your support. This is so lonely and confusing.
  4. Thanks well my stomach symptoms were before the meds but I do agree it has made it worse. I always though that celiec disease came with more diareah and I'm so constipated but when I do go its a lot and I feel drained like again I was up all night with such stomach bloating and still constipated.This is regardless of fiber intake. I saw a nutritionist because I eat a lot and though I don't feel hungry I feel malnurished if that makes sense. I have a bug appetite though regardless of hunger. As for pt actually I saw another doc yesterday and for my issue it aggrevates it. I had my mri today so will see and a nerve shot yesterday. If the next set of shots doesn't help and these tests don't show anything they think they will do surgery to release a nerve. So sick of this and it really teaches you how health is so important.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I feel very lonely,confused,and scared along with the pain. Thank you for the suggestions and personal experience. I have not been tested I don't think for ms. Unless that would show in my mri tomorrow. I did have bone scan,emg,and doppler,xrays and complete blood work. I'm very frustrated with docs at this point because one sends me to another or like the neurolgist who sent me to pt that overstretched me and now I'm in worse pain then before and why I started to take vicodin. I'm very concerned that all the waiting to get in for tests or for the doc to order more after waiting to see if the meds help or what the previous test shows is making things worse. I'm trying to not get ahead. On the note of stomach issues like last night I was up all night with cramping,bloating and feeling like I need to go.Also would it make a difference if not intolerant but sensitive if you just limit but not take away? Thank you again its very appreciated.
  6. About 2 months ago I developed a severe pain in my inner ankle/foot area and within a week or so was in the worst pain of my life. I have been in bed most of 6 weeks. I first thought it was an injury and had bone scans,xrays but it turned out not. I was reffered to a neurologist and was given emg tests and now have an mri on sat. I have sharp pains in my foot and tingling,numbing. I can barely walk and am in aircast when I do. I was also given a nerve block shot and am on nerve meds along with vicadin for pain. Anyhow I have been tested in the past for celiec and it didn't show but I have a lot of the symptoms including very high liver enzymes,low white blood count,bloating and cramping,usually constipated but when I go its a lot, and now this nerve issue. Before this nerve issue I always had sore joints and pains. I'm in my late 20's. I'm under the care of 3 plus docs right now but was wondering if anyone had any input and found a wheat free diet to help. Thank you and I hope this was the proper place to post.
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