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  1. Thank you for your post (Grumpy, too) on making gluten-free fortune cookies and Krumcake! I think my sister-in-law has a Krumcake iron, and my parents will be in town in a couple weeks (my mother used to make Krumcake), so maybe I'll borrow that iron and see if we can do it! -Erik
  2. Nancy - Good luck with the Fattigman.. sounds yummy, too! Have you ever tried making Rommegr
  3. Jennas-auntie, Wow, I'm very impressed with your taking on creating gluten-free fortune cookies and Krumcake! I come from a Scandinavian family, and I can't imagine how great it would be to eat some gluten-free Krumcake... YUM!!! I saw from your other posts that you live in the Twin Cities area (as do I).. if you make some extra Krumcake, I'll buy some from you! I'm continually amazed at how people are figuring out how to make all these foods I never thought I'd be able to eat (I was diagnosed at age 2). Keep up the good work, everybody!! Erik
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