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  1. I get mood swings, anxiety and paranoia when glutened. I snap at people very easily--and I'm not normally like that. I know I'm doing it and feel bad, but I can't help it and do it anyway. Then, I obsess about it. I'm sorry your husband is experiencing this--it's not pleasant for anyone involved.

    Make sure he is getting enough B vitamins--when I first went gluten-free, I took a good multi, B6 and B12 (sublingual).

    Welcome to the board! :)

    Where did you find gluten free, sublingual vitamins??? My friends, family and co-workers would be very grateful if I could get some B vitamins! :blink:

  2. - Hydrolyzed Protein (if derived source is not indicated, could be wheat protein)

    - Artificial flavoring (often includes (Barley) malt)

    - Dunkin donuts flavored coffees :-( (regular formula seems to be ok)

    - Stoneyfield Farms Organic yogurt with fruit (best to eat plain yogurt and add all fruit jelly, fresh fruit or sugar)

    - Vitamins/supplements - there are so many hidden places, some examples:

    Choline - primary vegetable sources are wheat and oats

    Wheat germ - found in most supplements

    Barley grass - found this in the ingredients on vitamins labeled "gluten free"

    Hot tip: be sure to check the "derived" source of any supplement

    - dried fruits (sometimes dusted with flour to keep them from sticking together)

    - when dining out, if you order broiled or grilled meat/fish be sure to specify that they not use grill baste (gluten free menu at Carraba's states this)