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  1. Hi Nancy I've gone to docs a couple times with this episode. My routine bloodwork is all normal. I've even had the extra testing on thyroid and it comes back normal. I have a neurologist appt. on Monday... Melisma
  2. Yesterday afternoon I received the results of a stool test confirming that I have a gluten sensitivity. I intend to go gluten free right away. Since February, my stomach and gut have been hurting etc. I'm relieved to find out the reason why. My question is about other symptoms that I'm experiencing and whether they can be connected to gluten sensitivity. My hormones have obviously changed recently because my period returned last month 8 months postpartum. With it has come chronic insomnia and strange neurological symptoms: burning at the back of my head, pressure in my ears, a stiff painful neck, pain that shifts the whole length of my spine, a stiff spine, occasionally my hands and feet sweat and feel numb. Sometimes I get waves of "burning" chills along my spine and back and into my hands and feet. This is all worse at night. When the waves of symptoms come at night, I also feel panicky (but I don't feel short of breath like as in a classic panic attack). I am exhausted during the day and feel weak and shaky. Can gluten sensitivity be related to hormonal problems or explain any of my seemingly neurological or nervous system issues? Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I am not experiencing any impaired motor control. Thanks in Advance! Melisma
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