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  1. To make a long story short, I am out of town in a house with 17 other people. I brought my own food, and we also went to the health food store for food last night. After dinner, everyone had cheesecake and of course I couldn't have any. I used to LOVE cheesecake! Then there wasn't anything dessert-wise for me to eat. Then a few nights ago we went to a pizza parlor...DEATH!!! I am just so sick and tired of this crap! I can't eat anything and then when I eat my really good gluten-free bread, someone said..EW that looks gross!! Keep in mind this is a mother with two kids of her own! Ugh! I'm sorry I just needed to vent!


    Hi Kassandra

    I hear you. I too get very fed up with nothing to eat...Parties are the worst. I also dont go out to eat much because it is a hassle. I made a cheesecake the other week with a nut and crushed gluten free cookie base. So next week I am bringing another one to a party so I too can have dessert.

    I had my sister visit and we cooked gluten free things, she (the nurse) said she hope she doesnt have celiac because she would not be able to follow the diet....she'd take the lymphoma.

    I was diagnosed in Feb and have not cheated, temped but so far so good.

    The thing I miss most is good bread, bagels and beer!!!! the three b's. I see my GI next month and am going to discuss the ramifications of have some gluten once in awhile. Its a tough diet, it can make you feel isolated and depressed. Not to mention totally broke!

    Anyway hang in there, and always bring your own dessert!


  2. Thanks to all for the insight, I will try to never cheat, but I do miss a really cold rolling rock!

    I will also try some of the bread suggestions, or do my corn tortilla wraps again. As I am new to this, does anyone have any other immune issues? I have a primary immune disease(genetic, IGg deficient) and I recieve a blood product once a month. Since this is a pooled product I wonder if I am getting other peoples immune problems? Any thoughts?

  3. I am a newer celiac, and I have yet to find a bread that I like. I have tried whole foods, kinnikkinnick, etc but nothing really tastes good. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Another issue I have not seen discussed is cheating. I have no pain or real GI distress when I ate gluten, I was diagnosised by chance during an edoscopy(looking for an ulcer!) If I have been a celiac my whole life, as I am told. Once my intesting heals is it ok to cheat occasionally?

  4. I too am new to celiac disease. I understand the frustration, I have a husband and child to cook for, prepare lunches etc...I tried doing seperate pasta, meals but that is too much work. I now do as much gluten free for all of us, to save time-not $$$

    The hardest part of this illness is not at home-it is at work, when someone brings doughnuts etc, and social functions.

    I miss things like real beer!!! The gluten free is ok, but not great.

    I have gained 10lbs since starting this diet which is frustrating. Any suggestions on bread that tastes good would be appreciated.