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  1. Hello again!

    I am going through a very 'proactive with my health' i.e doctors are rubbish phase, I'm sure lots of you can identify with me.

    I have had a lot of blood tests recently, my doctor is humouring me at the moment, and a DEXA scan done (was ok) recently and was told by my doctors receptionist that they were all 'fine'. I asked for the actual results to be faxed to me. My TSH level = 2.96. the reference ranges seem to be different depending where you look. no other thyroid tests were ran. I have almost all the symptoms, but so does fibro which seems to be a 'new' problem, 30 yers agao I would have been diagnosed with hypotheroid (makes you think doesn't it!!) My Dad's side of the family were all obese except for 1 sister.

    My symptoms :

    Weight gain, libido problems, puffy eyes 7 face, foor focusing, dry gritty eyes, ringing in my ears, sore throat, problems swallowing 'lumpy' feeling, losing my eyelashes, flaky nails, dry skin, i'm very pale, cramps, muscel and joint pain, food sensitivity, gluten , dairy, salicalates (i think) cold hands and feet, terible memory, forgetfull, mentally sluggish, brain fog, poor concentration, loss of motivation, decreassed attention, I avoid going out/meeting people, I'm turning into a hermit!, depression, low energy levels, low early morning basal body temperature usually below 97, apathy...

    sensitivity to sun

    insomnia. I used to run a profitable business and now I'm medically retired - at 42!

    I have been DX as having IBS and Fibromyalgia, and enterolab, gluten sesitivity and casen sensitivity, and malabsorbion. My energy levels increase amazingly on a 'basic' food diet. I am tired of having to educate my doctor. are there any studies on TSH levels being misleading? I did find an interesting article


    "Dr. A P Weetman, professor of medicine, wrote in the article "Fortnightly review: Hypothyroidism: screening and subclinical disease," which appeared in the 19 April 1997 issue of the British Medical Journal, the following groundbreaking statement:

    ". . . even within the reference range of around 0.5-4.5 mU/l, a high thyroid stimulating hormone concentration (>2 mU/l) was associated with an increased risk of future hypothyroidism. The simplest explanation is that thyroid disease is so common that many people predisposed to thyroid failure are included in a laboratory's reference population, which raises the question whether thyroxine replacement is adequate in patients with thyroid stimulating hormone levels above 2 mU/l."

    In response to Dr. Weetman, David Derry M.D., Ph.D., a thyroid expert and researcher, based in Victoria, British Columbia, responded, saying:

    "Why are we following a test which has no correlation with clinical presentation? The thyroidologists by consensus have decided that this test is the most useful for following treatment when in fact it is unrelated to how the patient feels. The consequences of this have been horrendous. Six years after their consensus decision Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia appeared. These are both hypothyroid conditions. But because their TSH was normal they have not been treated. The TSH needs to be scrapped and medical students taught again how to clinically recognize low thyroid conditions."

    I would really appreciate any feedback from others with similar symptoms/diagnosis, am I barking up the wrong tree? or or just barking mad? or should I just stay on the Prozac? I have just visited my doctor and she was wasn't having it at all that the Tsh test is ever wrong, refused to send me for T4, T3 and antibody tests, even though I have medical insurance and they won't come out of her budget. Interestingly my TSH level 2 years ago was 1.5 so it is going up. She just wrote a prescription for more prozac, up to 40mg as she thinks it is clinical depression which of course has many of the same symptoms.

    I would really appreciate some advice!


  2. Hi! I'm 14 (15 on Nov. 5th!!) & I've been gluten-free for about 6 months now. I had trouble on getting all the gluten eliminated, up to about a month go. And now I have absolutely no problems now that the glutens is all out of my diet!! :D.

    But I do have trouble getting to sleep...and its really frustrating. I'm homeschooled, so I can sleep in later, which is good when I have those nights when I only sleep 2 hrs.

    I don't even start to get tired until about 12:30 am.! I try to read a book from 11:45-12:??. but once i close my eyes to go to sleep,,BAM, i'm wide awake again! its so frustrating. My mom had me take benadryl a couple nights in a row, just because I was like a zombie for 2 weeks, only getting about 3-4 hrs a night. But usually once I'm asleep, I'm definiteley asleep. For about the last two nights I fell asleep at about 1 am (which is REALLY good for me), & I slept for about 11 hrs! I did grow an inch in about a week! lol, & I know that can make you tired. But the problem for me is, trying to get to sleep!!

    Anyone have the same problem or have any ideas for this? I dont want to get addicted to Benadryl if I take it every night. Like last night, I didnt take it & i just layed in bed til about 2 am, then I got tired of not being tired, so i took one. :unsure:

    Yah. I get a tingly feeling in my legs sometimes, AND CAN'T GO TO SLEEP. bUT WHEN i FINALLY DO..I wake up an hour or twp later wide awake.