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  1. Yay for college, and bigger yay for them being required to provide for a gluten-free diet. Is anyone else here going to be at the University of Rochester next year, or have experience dealing with their dining hall staff? Anyone that will be living in the general Rochester, NY area? Just curious, I'd love to meet more celiacs Hi, by the way. I'm new--see you around. (Waves)
  2. Aha! Ain't that the truth! We cleaned out the whole pantry this morning and my "safe section" is quite small. I suppose I should have mentioned that I'm 17 and less of an adult than I'd often like to think I am . That said, you all are certainly right that I'm consuming too much dairy for anyone, much less someone trying to heal her insides... Well, I guess it's back to Wegman's for me for probiotics and soymilk.
  3. I've been doing a bunch of reading here, directed either at people who are newly diagnosed or suffer from food allergies/intolerances in addition to gluten, and I was wondering: should I cut out dairy as well? I don't have GI symptoms in general (from dairy, ever, or gluten, except for the few episodes that caused me to go to a gastroenterologist in the first place) and I haven't been told that I'm lactose intolerant either. Does celiac cause lactose intolerance? Or does dairy just aggravate (some? all?) people's systems while they heal? I currently consume a ton of dairy--think 6-8 glasses of milk a day plus cheese, etc. and I don't *think* it's making me sick, but... Also, what are probiotics? Should I be taking them? And on an unrelated note, is there a place here for general introductions? I'd love to get to know everyone better and not be repeating myself for background info if there is a more appropriate area of the site. Thanks for your patience if you're still reading, and thanks in advance for help.
  4. ! I'm starting my first post with a giant grin like the one on my face when I saw the title of this thread. Thanks so much to everyone for the welcome. I've lurked a few times since being officially diagnosed as celiac a few weeks ago. I've been gluten-free for two and a half days now, since Thursday morning, and was feeling alone and a bit nervous till a few minutes ago. So, here I go--Hi everyone!
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