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  1. Thank you all for you support and motivation! I really do appreciate it. I will get to the doctors' and go from there on whether I should be tested. I am most concerned for my bio son. I don't want him to have the same health issues as I did growing up. When he was 2 1/2 I had to have his teeth capped. When I first went to the pediactric dentist he made me feel really bad, pretty much blaming me for the problems with my son's teeth. After he came out of surgery he was super nice to me and asked if enamel problems ran in my family. I told him there was, my mom and her seven brothers all ended up with false teeth before 20. I have had numerous problems and have fought to keep mine. He told me my son has an enamel problem. He gets extra trips to the dentist. I am now concerned about some of my adopted sons. They are very short statued under the ideal height chart. Their bio dad is 5'1 and bio mom is 5'2. She has lupus. One of my adopted son's was born three months premature. He weighed 2 1/2lbs. He had diabetes when he was younger (he is now 11) out grew it. Was very "chunky" while diabetic. He is thin as a rail now. He had to have his appendix removed two years ago. Fractured his collar bone last year and battles mouth sores. I have him take Ly-sine to help with it. He is the only one of the sibling group of five that is not diagnoised adhd or depression. He was held back for a year. So was my daughter (his bio sister). There was no drug use while mom was pregnant and none of the children were born drug addicted. I kind of wonder now about gluten due to mom's lupus, being short statued and some of the medical problems these children have endured.. I am going to have them checked also. My youngest adopted son is five he has the mentality of a three year old. He just now fits into 4 yr old clothing and he will be turning six in July. He was diagnoised failure to thrive. He is severe adhd (has an aid at school) and is reactive attachment disordered. I think putting my home on gluten free will be a benefit in many ways. We are a caffene free home, that did wonders. I have always done fruits and veggies as snacks. We occassionally do cookies and such. I am a weightloss counselor so I am picky about foods. But, I feel this will be a huge challenge. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. I have eight children in the home. Any ideas? Take Care, Cindy mom of nine adoption is a gift from God
  2. I recently started reading these boards after a PHARMACIST stated that my rash might be a gluten allergy. A little over three weeks ago I had an episode of hay fever that was horrible. Tried everything to control the symptoms, then it rained and it was all fine. While having the hay fever, I stopped eating starches. I have always found in the past that I have more energy and feel great when doing so. A week later I had a roll. I broke out in a rash that started with burning pain. Then the spots came. What blew me away was that they were on each side of my body in exactly the same places! They burned and then started itching like crazy. I then thought about what I had done different and the only thing was the bread. So I cut bread and starches out again. That's when I went to the drug store to buy some cream without alcohol. While the pharmacist was helping he asked me if I have a gluten allergy. This got me thinking. I then went home and look up everything on the Internet... I saw pictures of my rash and I saw my health before my eyes. I am angry. I have suffered for many years. I am 38. When I was a child I was in and out of the hospital a few times with stomach problems. Diarrhea, constipation and stomach pain. I've had my appendix removed and then was told they weren't the problem, but they were inflamed. I had a clotting disorder (-12 factor) in my blood. I was diagnosed with colitis in 1997 after spending a week in the hospital. I went through 7 years of unexplained infertility. I conceived one child through in vitro with ICSI. I had to have a C-section. While having the C-section my OB told me I have a lot of "unexplained" scarring, including my bowels being adhered to my uterus. I have had ovarian cysts that have ruptured, one taking part of my ovary. I didn't have enough progesterone, so I had to take daily shots up until my fourth month of pregnancy. I was also told that I have high levels of prolactin. Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my neck, spine and hip. I had a blood test done for rheumatoid arthritis. My level was high so they sent me to a rheumatologist. She said I didn't have it but said I did have a higher inflammatory level. She said the numbness in my hands and feet might be from pressure from the bone spurs. I just gave up. I have been anemic twice. I have fatty stool or just mucus at times. I always put this to being from colitis, along with the stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation. Last year I was put on Lexapro for anxiety. I have been off gluten for a little over a week, most my rash is just colored patches with some itching. I feel great. Not tired, no pain, no gas, no bowel problems, I even slept through most of the night last night. I have also lost nine pounds, which I know most was fluid retention. I am going to make a doctor's appointment to be tested. I truly believe the gluten is doing this to me. Why did it take a pharmacist to point it out? My bio son who is nine now had to have a cat scan last year. Same problems I had when I was a child. He also suffers from fatty stools and diarrhea. They couldn't find anything wrong with him. Why isn't gluten testing common? Cindy mom of nine Adoption is a gift from God
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