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  1. Hi, Thank you all for your info. It is definately nice to know that you are all out there. Like most families, we live a busy life. But I would love to talk to each one of you. I believe that knowledge is the key. But there is also a life to be lived out in the world. I know that we have a long road ahead of us, but like with the Diabetes, we have gotten WAY better at it. We never even would have thought we could give our child a shot. Now its not as big of a deal, we do it and move on with life. I so look forward to that day with the Celiac. It is still a little scary, and as we found out, expensive. So we have been cooking all meals at home. Tacos have been a hit, with corn tortillas. She is having problems with Lactose, so we have not been giving it to her, which makes her mad and cry. She cries saying she wants it, but cries because she knows how it will make her feel. Our daughter has had the Jeckyl & Hyde complex lately, so all of the "normal" non-carb snacks (cheese, sliced deli meat, eggs) are all Stupid as she says. But as was mentioned I need to research the Adkins diet, maybe I'll find something good. Having Diabetes and Celiac is definately an interesting challenge. Thank you all. I look forward to meeting you all and I welcome any comments or suggestions. samsmom
  2. My 6 yr old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes in Nov. 2005 when she was 4. We have delt with symptoms of Celiac probably just as long as the Diabetes Diagnosis. But we just got the biopsy results confirming Celiac last week. So by reading on this site it is comforting to know that my child is like many other with this disease. One second she is fine, the next she is screaming at me or her dad, then she cries and says we are mean, and she doesn't like us. Then, like her teenage sister, she will go in her room and slam the door, sometimes she even shouts at us from behind the door. Thank goodness my husband and I have good sense of humors. We just look at eachother and smile and pray that this will pass soon. We deal with carb counting, and many shots a day. Especially the weeks prior to the confirmation of Celiac she could not get enough food. We have given her as many as eight shots per day. It is an awful feeling. She is always so hungry, and I feel bad telling her no she cannot eat because of the diabetes/insulin issues, and now with the Celiac and the sacrafices for it. She has been crying A LOT! It makes our hearts hurt for her. She has also had major problems with her teeth. She has caps on most teeth. The last oral surgery she had is what stimulated the Diabetes and possibly the Celiac. She is constantly getting abcesses in her mouth, that are in different locations. Then they just go away. Now she is facing more oral surgery due to an abcess under a tooth that is already capped. HELP, does anyone else have this problem? Any comments or suggestions? Also, my daughter loves cold cereal in the A.M. I found Fruity Pebbles that look ok, so I bought them. But it took me a while as I read each box and put each one back, it is definately frustrating. And I still feel like I am questioning if I was right in buying it, and giving it to her. HELP!
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