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  1. NoGluGirl,

    Thank you for the list!! You do not realize how helpful it is!! I feel like I am going at this blindly. I keep hearing that he will get worse before he gets better, but I don't want to make him worse because I buy the wrong thing or don't know if I keep the kitchen items I have. Wow! I had no idea life could turn around so quickly. I keep telling myself we will be a healthier and happier family with this change.


  2. JNBunnie1

    Are you comfortable sharing the general area where you live?

    My family and I live near Kansas City, Missouri. We have gone to Nature's Pantry and one of the grocery stores sells gluten-free, but I have to admit I had no idea how expensive it is!!

    I would also visit a few websites and do some reading on what's recommended for a candida-killing diet, replacing his bread might not be a good idea yet. The yeast can still live off rice. Try Mercola.com, and the Weston Price foundation websites and do searches for candida. Actually, I think you could just google it.

    Thank you so much for the websites! I have googled gluten-free, non-dairy, yest elimination, etc; but the two websites were helpful. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi! I just learned that my son, who is 5 is having issues with yeast elimination and absorption and we must become gluten-free; which will hopefully also help my other son who has ADD. I have purchased a probiotic for children and Candidase for the yeast. I am doing this alone because the doctor's are not helpful, they want to put him on more medications. What other supplements would you suggest?

    We went to the store to select gluten-free foods and was shocked there are not more options. Do you have any suggestions on where to go or is there somewhere on the Internet to order gluten-free foods?

    Any advice would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!!!