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  1. My friend's mom was getting aggravated after months of trying....A square of toilet paper floating in the toilet inspired her to make going in the potty like target practice - aim for the square. He was trained in a week.

    Just putting my few cents worth in here, having been a qual early childhood teacher for about 10 years now

    Definitely wait till he is ready - if he can follow simple instructions, understand words about toileting, is coming and telling you (when in nappies) that he is wet/dirty, can pull own pants down, then should be good time to start. reminding every hour is good, but make sure that it is not you being trained to take him to the toilet in time - happens a lot.

    You are lucky he seems to be ready now, as summer can be the easiest time to train, as toilet seat isnt as cold, kids more willing to take clothes off when warm, and often have opportunity to run around with no pants on at home.

    Yes, in my experience (with about 200 children) boys in general do take longer to train. But a ping pong ball in the toilet is good to aim at, and doesn't flush away. Also having a special 'Toilet Toy" (book, hand held game... that is ONLY used when on toilet) can be helpful for reluctant toileters, and reward charts can be just as effective, depending on your son.

    Also, this is really important, make sure that your child's daycare is following the same routine that you do at home.

    Hope this helps.

  2. WHile there are possible complications with doing a flush to get rid of gallstones, the risk of surgery (and trauma of a loss of an organ ) are always going to be much higher.

    I would personnaly have tried for a flush if i had found out early enough. Anything to avoid surgery, but still stop all the pain.

    The decision is up to you and your daughter though.

    Also on connection between coeliacs and gall bladder problems/gallstones;

    fasting/low nutrition/excessive weight loss are all high risk factors for gall bladder disease - it apparently increases concentration of bile in liver

  3. I have heard good and bad things about trying to flush the gallstones.

    the main prob is that the stones can get stuck in the bile duct during the flush and cause more problems.

    as long as you are looking out for any adverse reactions, signs of getting worse etc.. should be ok, especialy if she is not too far along and having regular attacks of gall bladder pain/infected gall bladder.

    if you can avoid removing a body part can only be good, as long as you still keep an open mind about having surgery if neccessary.

  4. Hi all

    just thought would pass on some info from a friend of mine who is a flight attendant.

    she recommends that if you have any serious food reations (coeliacs, nut allergies etc..)

    ORDER THE FRUIT MEAL and bring your own snacks.

    the galleys on the planes are really cramped and cross contamination can easily happen, and also staff arent always told why passengers have special meals (hence them trying to give you bread rolls etc...)

  5. hi i had my underarms treated, and had great results. would totally reccoment it (and have to everyone i know!!)

    stings a little bit (kinda like someone pushing on you really hard) but pain goes away before you really mind.

    i had 6 treatements i think all up.

    i had last treatment about 5 months or so ago, and am only now getting a little (slight shadow) hair growing back so will need maintenace shot in month or so. apparently not everyone needs continual maintenance.

    currently getting my bikini line done - hurts much more (still not as bad as wax though) but have only had one treatement 2 months ago, and had no regrowth yet.

    good luck

  6. doesnt "lurker" sound seriously creepy!

    anyway, like most others here i have had major issues getting diagnosed.

    been sick on and off for years, and had major stomach surgery when at school, but really ill for past 18months - have lost about 20 kilos in about 6 months (about 45 pounds i think) but unlike most of you from what i have been reading, my main prob isnt bowel issues (althought that is still there), it is violent vomiting - i was hospitalised, put on liquid feding and then released with my own crates of liquid nutrition - nice solution eh!

    I have had so many tests now that i cant remever them all, just that they were all pretty unpleasent. Some of them twice because i would vomit or pass out and have to have it repeated.

    after talking to one of the parents at work (kindy teacher - lots of specialist/research doctors in my class) had positive blood test for coeliacs, and was sent for biopsy but was told by doc that going gluten free before biopsy wouldnt matter - was 2 1/2 monts before had it done, and came back negative. not surprising now from what i have read here - wish i had found this site b4 going gluten free.

    oh and of course i now have gallbladder disease due to rapid weight loss and have to ahve it out, because it is astoundingly painful.

    and now i find out that i have polycyctic ovaries, yay. (at least all my otherwise useless tests were good for something!)

    one last winge now - i am so sick of everyone saying how good i look now that i am losing weight - and when i tell them why -"at least UR looking good with it!"


    thanks for listening to my whinge, my partner must be so sick of listening to me! :wacko:

  7. I am currently waiting to get my gall bladder out.

    your smptoms sound just like mine, pain top right, nausea on some smells...

    definately go fat free (including "good fats" like avocado, nuts etc..)

    Even a little bit sets off an attack for me now (gets worse the longer leave it) - unbelievable agony, unable to move, breathing even hurts!

    would reccomend that you keep away from coffee and citrus too.

    a gluten free, fat free diet is kinda difficult, have noticed that a lot of gluten free foods, have too much fat in it for me. if it says less than 1g fat per serve, should be ok as long as dont eat too much.

    basically the only packaged/processed food i can have now is rice cakes and canned lentils/tomato

    So a basic diet of fruit, veges, low fat proteins in on the agenda. and yes it is kinda boring and you prob cant eat out unfortunately, as pretty difficult to get gluten free, fat free meals Oh except fruit salad!! yay!! <_<

    Starch is good for helping prevent gall bladder pain though, so lots of rice and potato.

  8. kia ora, this is my first post.

    had blood test results that came back positive for antibodies (or something like that) and doctor said showed that i coeliacs, but sent me for biopsy to confirm.

    went back for results (diff doc this time - in public system) and was told that biopsy was negative - and that i didnt have coeliacs.

    very confused.

    was told that going on gluten free diet prior to biopsy wouldnt affect the results, but it was a couple of months between blood test results and biopsy - i think that it has affected the results.

    still on gluten free diet now and much better

    any of your opinions would be much appreciated.