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  1. i'm having a hard time finding anything that is good for curly hair? yes, i did go to the curly girl website, everything seems to contaimn wheat...My salon only cuts curly hair and there products have wheat in it also which i use and love, but i can not find anything else..My hair has become dry...
  2. thanks everyone for getting back..does anyone know the hidden ingriedients that could be wheat,oat or barely? in hair and make up...i heard neutrogena was good,but when i emailed them they didn't have a list..also my hair is falling out, tons of grey, and the textured changed..i'm trying my best...
  3. i was wondering if anyone could give me info about hair products also styleing products..i have awful hair at the moment and i can not just use anything(curly) i need a very good condition and hair products..I do spend a great deal of money on my beauty products, but i'm having trouble finding ones...