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  1. Actually I knew there was a chance that the regular oatmeal could be contaminated, but as I am not celiac (or I don't think I am)----am gluten intolerant or sensitive, I just thought maybe I could get away with it. WRONG. Now I know. I do have the steel cut oats from Bob's Red Mill, but they take...
  2. WOW...is this ever interesting. I would not call what I get panic attacks, however, I get what we are now calling "episodes", as I get lightheaded, sick to my stomach, dizzy and cannot stand up, I have to go to bed and sleep it off, it is kind of like a stupor. When I wake up, then I am fine or...
  3. Walmart's beef stock is gluten-free too, and just thicken it with corn starch, it is so cheap. The Walmart chicken and beef stock says right on the box that it is gluten-free...........many of their foods say so right on the container.
  4. I take a lot of magnesium with malic acid and have no problems. It is taken to help with fibromyalgia, they have found that people with fibro and migraines can be seriouly lacking in magnesium. The expert at my healthfood store, who has celiac disease, recommended it and along with the perscription...