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  1. Wow, thanks for the responses. Someone at work directed me to this board and said it was a very active and informative forum and I see that is very true. At first we were thinking that Celiac disease was some strange, rare disease but after meeting someone in my very workplace dealing with Celiac and all the people here, I realize that is not true. It is much more common than I thought and this is comforting somehow. I did a bunch of reading of posts here and got lots of ideas. We hadn't even thought about getting a new toaster, cutting boards, etc, but we will definitely do that.

    It is wonderful to know that there are still many, many things we can eat. I am feeling much more positive and less worried now. I'm posting at work right now :ph34r: so I better go.

    Many thanks

  2. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area but . . . my wife and I just had our first child about 3 months ago and not too long after his birth my wife Emily began having chronic diarrhea and vomiting almost everything she ate. She had a test that took some biopsies of her intestine and the doctor said she had Celiac Disease. We just found out last week.

    Our doc told us even a small amount of gluten is bad so I stopped eating it too and we tried to get anything with gluten out of the house. Now that Emily's gluten free she's not vomiting anymore but her stomach is still very upset and still chronic diarrhea. It is very hard because she is breastfeeding and we're afraid her milk supply will dwindle because she has trouble eating. I don't really know what to make for her. Before the diagnosis I was giving her toast and noodles because that is what she like best when she had morning sickness but now I realize I was poisoning her! We are seeing a nutritionist next week so hopefully that will help.

    We are having a very hard and stressful time right now. It is hard to see Emily struggling. I try to be home as much as I can so that she can rest. Any info or ideas would be very helpful for us. Should she start feeling better soon?