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  1. thx for all your replys!

    lyme disease could be a possibilty but over here in aussie we do not have a large tick population well not in my neck of the woods. more like to get them while camping, near swampy waters etc. also over here we do not have a reliable blood test for it yet but its being 'worked on' according to medical websites.

    this is my 6th day of being gluten free. food is not so hard to get used to but every now and then i think "damnit!" when i see something i want and cant have lol. and eating out will be an adventure to i imagine! i have had a tummy bug over the weekend tho (my sister and her kids had it b4 me and i was around them alot last week) wasnt fun! but didnt last too long thankfully, am being positive and hoping the gluten free diet will work for me! and if it doesnt i will surely get other tests done (been feeling so bad over past few months tho am not willing to continue eating gluten and have any more tests done for celiac) my family are being supportive (I live away from home) by buying me a few gluten free grocerys everytime they go shopping so thats nice (its expensive and i'm not working atm!) :)

    some other things i have noticed, i have had brain fog on and off (but constant) since i had a kid (7 years ago) and i always Prided myself on having the best Memory but these days (and for years and years ppl talk about something and i'm like, I cant remember! and they are like, that happened yesterday + to me it felt like weeks ago! (always felt embarrassed lol) lol and keep getting mouth ulcers (canker sores i guess) but i didnt link them to possible celiac/gluten intolerance! interesting really...

    hope everyone has a great Monday!

  2. heya

    i must say for myself my tummy has never been able to handle much caffine. i have been a 3 cup a day coffee drinker for 5+ years now and recently gave it up about 1 month ago (also briefly gave up 1 year ago but only for 1 month) I like the 'high' caffine gives me' but most ppl i know think i am depressed whenever coming down from the high. i tell them my brain is just having a rest! lol i am very sensative to all sorts be it caffine, alcohol or drugs (over the counter/prescibed ones. havent done any illegal ones apart from trying pot twice when i was 18, just didnt interest me)

    but since i gave up coffee i have noticed a 'calm' within myself when i was always tense on coffee and of course it added to my tummy probs i think. and now whenever i have a high caffine cola drink or just too much cola, i get Horrible pains (last time i had some unknowingly. wasnt till my BF checked the label as he thought it Smelled like coffee, turned out to be coffee flavoured cola and higher caffine content in it)

    and on the other hand, caffineated tea tends to Help me go to the toilet often, if i am a bit 'stuck' (thought some of u may like that info lol)

  3. i think my gluten intolerance may have started after i had bacterial pnuemonia back in mid 2004 - after recovering from that i started having mild stomach probs, always thinking i had food poisoning or it was from drinking Bad alcohol (i used to make home brew spirits and they were pretty dogdy for a while! lol) Or thought it may have been from the high dose of antibiotics i had to take when i had pnuemonia. and then a few months later i would eat maccas for example and always be holding screams in and begging to stop at a gas station for the toilet on the way home etc and then it went from a few times a week to many times a day no food was safe had cold sweats, fevers, labour-like stomach cramps, nauesu, all the regular stuff and sometimes passing out b4 i went to the bathroom or a mixture and thinking : do i get a bucket, go to the toilet or lay down incase i pass out! lol at that stage i thought i had stomach ulcers and the doctors werent intestested in doing any tests, just told me to eat 'bland foods' and hope for the best!

    i have Always had Huge sinus infections and asthma my whole life, i have had glandular fever twice (once when 14 and once again just last year!) doctors tell me u can only get it once tho showed up in blood work Strongly both times i had it tho? anyways i do think my 'celiac problems' (havent been diagnosed, bloodwork was negative, not doing any biopsys) all 'started' after i got pnuemonia, stressful time on the body not to mention the mind!

    ~gluten free since 25th april 2007!~

  4. you all have such good storys about going gluten free, it makes me feel very positive about celebrating my 1 year anni of being gluten free on the 25th april 2008! (yes went gluten free 2 days ago!)

    doctor did 1 celiac blood test and decided i dont have it, apparently i have IBS and anxiety..... but i know i have a history of feeling 'better' after going gluten free in the past (was very young at the time tho and didnt stick with it for long, even tho it it made me feel Heaps better in only 2 weeks! kids eh ;) )

  5. heyas,

    i'm new here, only just stumbled across this site about 12 hours ago. i'm 31 and from australia and have had ill health for a Long Time but tried to ignore it. 2 years ago tho i started having intestinal 'attacks' with bloating, nausea, intense cramps, pain that radiated down my legs, chills and what felt like 'fevers' and almost blacking out... and once i was actually able to have a bowel movement (violent and over shockingly quick once it actually happened!), all my problems dissapeared until the next Episode happened. sometimes it happened 3 times a day, sometimes it happened 3 times a week (but usually a daily occurance). it Seemed to happen often when i ate anything from meat to ranch dressing to bread to strawberrys! almost no food is Safe for me cuz i dont know if i will have a reaction from it and if that reaction will happen 10 minutes after eating or 10 hours!

    but anyways. its been happening on and off for around 2 years, i have a week here and there where i feel Fine, have Normal bowel movements and none of the other nasty side effects of whatever it is i have got! i used to think i have stomach ulcers and doctors were no help. told me to eat rice and

    bland foods and hope for the best. i started taking acid reducing tablets prescribed by the doctor and they seemed to help for a couple of months then stopped. i had a stomach ulcer test done late last year which came back negative but never had an endescopy (spelling) and have been talking to alot of ppl with stomach ulcers in the last 6 months and their symptoms seem different to mine anyways!

    lately say in the past 2 months my symptoms have Escalated, almost blacking out daily, feeling Overly nauseaus, dizzy, overly sluggish and 'spacey' and have developed almost constant lower back pain (never really had that before, pain always Felt like labour pain but it only used to happen right around when i needed to go to the toilet) suddenly seem to have asthma even tho i am on preventative steriods that have helped me immensly in the past 2 years and alot more constipation than i ever had before. right now as i type i Feel like i need to go to the toilet and Know that if i could, all the pain would go away - but i cant.

    i got blood tests back today from my doctor. negative for celiac and she seems to think i am having Panic attacks when i cant breath (happens sometimes after i eat bread lately, weird? ;)) and the blacking out is also an anxiety thing. i think it is Directly related to my stomach cuz i know when i almost black out i get chills, hot and my stomach feels like its going to explode (or my a$$ is! lol)

    i know u have all probably heard this before but i need some advice on what to do next. the doctor thinks i may have irritable bowel syndrome. her advice for me is to stay calm, eat less white floured foods and come back in 3 months to see how i am going. 3 months!! i dont want to wait 3 fruccking months longer! i dont know if i should try the gluten free diet or just keep going as i have

    my mother reminded me yesterday of how a Natropath once said i was intolerant of gluten and dairy (at the age of 15) and once when i was 18 i tried life without gluten for 2 weeks becuz i had alot of headeaches and nausea (only symptoms back then) and felt a whole lot better! but then i went back to it lol i was young and stupid obviously!

    i'm wondering if i have always been intolerant to wheat products, or its suddenly coming to a 'peak' or what or if i Do have something else wrong with me lol

    so any advice, comments, hints or ideas would be of great help to me

    and thx for reading all my crap!