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  1. Blueeyedmanda / Angie: Thank you so much for your thoughtful ideas. I was on track with a couple of your ideas, but you have also given me several other great ones! I have to get busy making this an extra-special period of her life! Again, thank you very much, and if any other good ideas cross your mind, please don't hesitate to post. Ryan
  2. My 30 year-old Wife was just recently diagnosed with Celiac's. She has done an amazing job of making the house gluten free, and is doing her best medical student impersintaion with Celiac/gluten-free research, etc... My Son and I are trying to be as supportive as possible, but with Mother's Day AND her birthday a few weeks away I would really like to get her a special gift. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations of something that has helped one of your loved ones get through the initial shock or deal with this disease? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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