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  1. Thank you to all that have replied. Just hearing from everyone makes me feel like I am not crazy. That others out there with confirmed and unconfirmed diagnoses have odd skin conditions. Last night I decided to do a test, while the rashes are somewhat healing since the last outbreak, I decided to eat pizza last night. Low and behold I woke up this morning with several new dots on both shoulders and underneath my armpits. Don't know if it can happen that quickly but I found it interesting none the less. I have been reading a lot on this website and have learned that my bouts with colitis are probably not "normal" nor is the pain in my abdomen and back upon laying down. I guess I thought celiac symptoms would be much more pronounced, more than just a rash and the occasional bout with D, but as I think and read the symptoms I have dealt with much of my life are symptoms of this disease. Anyway, I do want to apologize for appearing to be impatient on my second post. I got really caught up in the excitement that someone would be able to relate to me and as I can see there are those out there that can. So, thank you for all the advice and please accept my apologize for being impatient. I look forward to getting to know each of you better gramcracker
  2. Wow I was really hoping someone would comment or provide a ray of hope based on my post. Anyway, as a new member to the board I thought someone would reply, if anything to say "welcome". I guess I am just feeling like I have for the past 10 years...without support. Thanks anyway.....
  3. I am new to the board and through a series of interactions I have decided to pursue Celiac disease as a possible diagnosis. This has been prompted by numerous conversations with colleagues and especially one physician who if accurate has trumped every doctor at Northwesten, University of Chicago, and Univerisity of Illinois Medical Centers. To say I am frustrated without a diagnosis is an understatement. The reason I chose "rash" as a topic is because this is my primary symptom and I am wondering if anyone with a confirmed diagnosis has also had a "weird rash" occur as a result of Celiac disease. The rash started 10 years ago and it appears to be systemic. I have been tested for EVERYTHING (except Celiac Disease), my rash has been biopsied and EVERYTHING checks out normal. The rash appears on my shoulders, spinal cord and underneath by butt and is absolutely symetrical. The rash starts out as a red dot and expands within days of onset and then heals from the inside out. To give you an example of what it looks like, it looks like ring worm when it heals. Physicians at Northwestern diagnosed me with EAC (erythema annulare centrificum) yet they have NEVER seen a single case of it themselves, I would be the first and University of Chicago diagnosed me with an abundance of yeast. The doctor I mentioned above, who suggested I get tested for Celiac diease, thinks that this is a food sensitivity and suggested I have the following tests performed IgG and IGE. I do not know what these letters stand for but have seen these acronyms on this website so hopefully he knows what he is talking about, I am sure someone here can educate me. He feels that I could possibly have a sensitively to gluten. As a side note, my first cousin was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease after going through two years of testing and being told initially that he had lukemia. A simple blood test, perhaps the above, found he was intolerant to gluten and now he is gaining weight and feeling much better, I don't know if there is a genetic component either. So basically I am just looking for answers and more importantly to know if anyone has experienced a rash as a symptom of this disease. Thanks for any help this forum can provide.
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