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  1. little boxes of cereal - snack packs. Or just a big box of your favorite gluten-free cereal. --Ask the flight attendants for milk. peanut butter 2-go (new from Jiff) gluten-free Pretzles My husband and I just returned from Tokyo and the above items helped a ton.
  2. Hi - I'm new to the board but have recent gluten-free experiences to share with everyone. This first one deals with gluten free meals on airplanes. My husband and I recently went to Japan. While booking our flights and picking meal options, there were about 20 different options, but not gluten free. So we packed a carry on bag with food I could eat. While in Japan we did some research and found out the United Airlines has a gluten free option, but it wasn't on the list. We called them to arrange this for the flight home and it was great! So, moral of the story if you don't see it listed call the airline and see if they have a gluten-free option. (I did take my own gluten-free packets of soy sauce to Japan - we couldn't get a dialog in Japanese going about gluten-free foods)
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